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Fostering 4 Rock Stars

Does your kitten foster program need a little TLC? Are you ready to start your very first foster program? Then you’re in the right place!

Fostering 4 Rock Stars
How to Start a Kitten Foster Program

Cat Adoption Team has a rockin’ kitten foster program—and we want you to have one too!

Our unique kitten foster program is nationally recognized as a lifesaving model that’s worth repeating. So we put all of our resources down on paper just for you. We call it Fostering 4 Rock Stars because we know you’ll feel like a rock star when your foster program is saving more lives!

Ready to learn how to start (or improve) a kitten foster program at your own organization? The resource below will help you get started. You can also take the Maddie’s University Fostering 4 Rock Stars Self-Paced Course or watch the Fostering 4 Rock Stars webinar for even more support!

Check back later this year to get dates for the live, instructor-led Fostering 4 Rock Stars course coming in Fall 2024 at Maddie’s University.


Get access to all our foster program files right here! Download each document individually as you need it, or download all the files at once. Note: Some files differ if your program includes pregnant cats or not. For programs that include pregnant cats, use the files marked Maternity. Otherwise, use the documents marked Neonatal.

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Click here to download all the resources in a single zipped file.

Build & FUnd Your Program

Plan your foster program budget, track important program data, and raise money to support your efforts

Budgeting & Data Tracking


STaff & Market Your Program

Suggestions and descriptions of important volunteer roles to support your foster program, plus information to help you find and recruit foster volunteers

Recruit Foster volunteers

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Train & Support your foster volunteers

Support and retain your volunteers by providing excellent on-boarding, training, and supplies

Volunteer Training & retaining

Foster Forms

Foster Bags

add mentors To Your Program

Grow your program and ease the burden on staff time by offering a mentor role to experienced foster volunteers

Mentor program

Medical INfo For mentors

Run Your Program

Hire a foster coordinator, plan and manage intake of kittens, and get your foster kittens adopted quickly into good homes

Foster Coordinator Resources

Admissions Guidelines & Suggestions

Marketing kittens for adoption

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