Fostering 4 Rock Stars

Does your kitten foster program need a little TLC? Are you ready to start your very first foster program? Then you’re in the right place!

How to Start a Kitten Foster Program

Cat Adoption Team has a rockin’ kitten foster program—and we want you to have one too!

Our unique kitten foster program is nationally recognized as a lifesaving model that’s worth repeating. So we put all of our resources down on paper just for you. We call it Fostering 4 Rock Stars because we know you’ll feel like a rock star when your foster program is saving more lives!

Watch the Fostering 4 Rock Stars webinar to learn how to start or supplement a foster program at your own organization. Then use the resources below to get started.


Get access to all our foster program files right here! Download each document individually as you need it, or download all the files at once. Note: Some files differ if your program includes pregnant cats or not. For programs that include pregnant cats, use the files marked Maternity. Otherwise, use the documents marked Neonatal.

all files

Download all the resources in a single zipped file.

Baby Bags (Foster home supplies)

Using “baby bags” to provide foster homes with necessary supplies.

Budget & Data Tracking

Planning your foster program budget and tracking program data


Raising money to support your foster program

Intake Guidelines

Job Descriptions

Staff and volunteer job descriptions for foster program positions

Kitten Adoption Events

Marketing for Foster Recruitment & Kitten Adoption

Tips on how to advertise for new foster homes and how to market foster kittens for adoption


Medical: For All Fosters

Medical: For Mentors

Mentor Program

Volunteers: Training & Retaining

Volunteers: Foster Forms

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