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Keeping Cats in Homes Fund (KCIH)

About the Fund

What is the Keeping Cats in Homes fund (KCIH)?

Keeping Cats in Homes is a special, limited fund at CAT that provides one-time assistance when financial hardship prevents cat owners from providing essential care to their pet cats. It’s part of our CAT Helpline program, which aims to keep cats and people together.

What types of situations does KCIH cover?

Through this fund, CAT can help with things like veterinary care and medical supplies, emergency cat boarding, pet behavior consultations, pet-related moving costs (such as pet rental deposits and animal transportation), and cat care supplies.

Sometimes, CAT can provide services directly, such as emergency boarding and veterinary care. But we also distribute funds to help cover costs at other veterinary clinics/hospitals or to pay for other services or supplies.

Although KCIH is typically unable to assist with urgent requests, cat owners or vet offices can reach out for special circumstances. Typically, we respond to requests with two-days’ notice.

How much funding is available?

To stretch KCIH funding to help as many cats as we can, we portion it out monthly and have a limit of up to $1,000 per cat. The average amount we spend on each cat is about $400, but it ranges widely.

Who qualifies for funding?

This support is available to assist those experiencing financial hardship, domestic violence, or housing instability. We work with clients and cats living in the Portland metro area and extending to Washington, Multnomah, Clackamas, Yamhill, and Marion Counties in Oregon, as well Clark County in Washington state. Some clients may be able to help cover a portion of the costs, while others may not. You’ll discuss needs and options with our program coordinator.

How do I apply for funding?

To apply for assistance through the Keeping Cats in Homes Fund, we encourage you to contact our Helpline counselors directly by sending an email to [email protected] or calling (503) 925-8903 ext. 5.