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foster-to-adopt program

About the Program

What is the Foster-to-Adopt program?

The Foster-to-Adopt program at Cat Adoption Team is a way to help certain cats find appropriate, loving homes. Through this program, you’ll have the opportunity to take a cat home for up to 30 days before deciding whether to adopt. This is an excellent option for cats who may need more time to adjust to a new home or who have special health or behavior needs.

Which cats are included in the program?

Cats who have been at the shelter for more than 30 days or those with special needs may be selected by CAT staff for the Foster-to-Adopt program.  If a cat is eligible, they will have a designation on their ID card and in their online adoption profile. 

How does foster-to-adopt work?

  • When you apply to adopt a cat who is foster-to-adopt eligible, our team contacts you to talk through the options.
  • If the cat requires a veterinary consultation, you will schedule a video or phone appointment to discuss with our vet before taking the cat home. 
  • After the consultation, you will meet online with an adoption counselor to discuss introducing your new friend to your home. At that time, you will fill out the foster-to-adopt agreement. 
  • If you have questions or concerns during your foster-to-adopt period, you can reach out to CAT’s foster supervisor.
  • You can adopt your foster cat at any point during the foster-to-adopt period. If you decide you are ready to adopt, you will contact the foster supervisor to make things official.
  • At any point during the foster-to-adopt period, if you determine the cat is not a good fit, you can call the foster supervisor to set up a time to bring the cat back. An appointment is required in order to return a cat to the shelter.

Thank you for your interest in our Foster-to-Adopt program!