Kitten Palooza

Kitten Palooza is the kitten adoption event of the year! Join us for a special online event from June 26-28.

about the event

What an event! More than a thousand hopeful adopters jumped online during this year’s Kitten Palooza, held June 26-27.
We knew the event would draw a crowd, but we had no idea it would get this big! Applications came in fast. It was fun to see so many people excited about adoption. Cat people are the best!
More than 70 kittens found loving new homes. But because the event was so popular (and had more than a few tech glitches, too), not everyone who wanted to adopt got a kitten. We urge you to keep looking! Many more kittens will be searching for new homes this summer. In fact, new kittens and cats are ready for adoption almost daily this time of year.
You can check CAT’s website and our Kittens in Foster List to see adoptable cats and kittens as they become available. You might also be interested in other local shelters and rescue groups.
A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated. We truly appreciated your patience and support of the first-ever virtual Kitten Palooza!

About Kitten Palooza

When: Adoptions on June 26 (4 pm – 6 pm) & June 27 ( 10 am – 2 pm) // Pick-Up Parade on June 28 
Where: Adoptions Online // Pick-Up Parade at 14175 SW Galbreath Dr – Sherwood, OR 97140
• More than 50 kittens (and cats) for adoption
• Online listings with photos and bios to help you choose the kitty for you!
• Adoption celebration at the Palooza Pick-up Parade — adopters will pick up their new kittens and enjoy fun drive-thru activities

CAT does not offer a pre-event waitlist or “24-hour holds” during Kitten Palooza. Any unaltered cats and kittens for pre-adoption will be scheduled to go home after they have been spayed/neutered. All other kittens and cats will be ready for a pick-up appointment on June 28.

For the most enjoyable experience, please be patient and flexible — we’ve never done this event like this before and we expect a few hiccups along the way. Thank you!

Before the event, be sure to check out CAT’s adoption policies and fees.

"First Pick" Raffle

Due to event changes as a result of COVID-19, we are not holding a “First Pick Raffle” for Kitten Palooza 2020.

Palooza Pick-Up Parade details

CAT wants to make sure you stay comfortable and safe at the Palooza Pick-Up Parade on Sunday, June 28. Here are some event details to help you plan:

  • Prepare for physical distancing. We ask that everyone remain in the vehicle, except when directly picking up your kitten and related items. We require that all parties in your vehicle wear a mask (covering nose & mouth) if you plan to participate in the drive-thru activities — which includes lots of fun ways to help you celebrate, right from the comfort of your car!
  • Please do not bring any pets with you to the event. Your new kitty may already be feeling stressed by travel, and the smell and movement of another animal in the car will increase that stress. Additionally, newly adopted animals should be kept separate from your resident pets for at least 10 days. 
  • Plan to take your newly adopted feline friend directly home after your pick-up appointment. To keep kitty safe and healthy, please drop your new pet off at home before making any other stops. You should never leave a pet in a car unattended, especially in warm weather.
  • Pick-up by appointment only. To help things run smoothly and ensure space for physical distancing, please only come to the parade during your scheduled pick-up time. The Pick-Up Parade is open to Kitten Palooza adopters only (other vehicles will be turned away). 

If there is a drastic change of weather, parade activities (other than pick-up appointments) may be cancelled, start late, or end early.

Thank you to our 2020 event sponsors: