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By the Numbers: CAT's Impact

Impact is one of the primary values guiding CAT. We work hard to have a measurable, positive impact on the lives of cats and those who care for them.

Cats Adopted Since 1998

For us, progress means continuing to improve the lives of cats, kittens, and people by developing, implementing, and offering quality programs and services that meet the most pressing needs and save the most lives in a loving, respectful, responsible way. Our staff and board work together to develop and implement multi-year strategic plans that align with our mission. The strategic plan then guides our annual goals and objectives.

Each adoption, donation, and other interaction with you and fellow cat lovers brings us closer to fulfilling our mission to save the lives of homeless cats and to work with our community to provide feline expertise and quality programs and services for people and cats.

2023 CAT Adoption Team Statistics

3,182 total adoptions

1,004 felines fostered

3,034 spay/neuter surgeries

Nine Lives Transfer Program

Asilomar Reporting

In 2023, CAT’s live release rate* was 98.7%. As a participating shelter in Shelter Animals Count (an evolution of the Asilomar Accords), CAT uses nationally recognized shelter statistic gathering and reporting methods. Our past three years of Asilomar Reports can be viewed by clicking the links below. You might find it helpful to check out these definitions of Asilomar terminology.

*“Live Release Rate” is the number of live outcomes divided by the number of total outcomes. CAT gives every cat in our care the time and support they need to find a loving home. However, because we take in some very vulnerable and sick cats and kittens—including newborn orphaned kittens—some of the cats in our care do pass away or are humanely euthanized to end unmanageable suffering.

Community Statistics for the Portland Metro Area

CAT collects and shares our shelter statistics as a founding member of the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland (ASAP). You can find statistics from all ASAP partner shelters and for the coalition as a whole on the ASAP website.