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— 25th Anniversary Stories —

In celebration of Cat Adoption Team’s 25th anniversary, we invite you to share a favorite memory from your involvement with CAT. 

Every success over the past 25 years has been possible only because of each and every person who is part of the CAT family.
And that means YOU!

Enjoy heartwarming stories and fun memories from your fellow cat lovers on this memory wall.

Thanks for celebrating with us!

Jan’s Story

5 years ago I came across a foster mom on Instagram that had a little kitten that was very sick. Latte (as he was known)

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The words "25 years, 60,000 lives" surrounded by confetti

Neil’s Story

My wife and I adopted our companion a little over 15 years ago. He was my very best friend and as I am retired we

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Jennifer’s Story

Just over 4 years ago, I decided that the family needed a pet – specifically a cat. And that cat would have to be comfortable

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Elisa’s Story

I adopted weezer about 15 years ago. I had just moved out of my moms house and took my cat to her new home. Immediately

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Jeffrey’s Story

We were heart broken after our beautiful cat Midnight Star had a sudden heart attack and passed away. She was a fun loving cat and

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The words "25 years, 60,000 lives" surrounded by confetti

Kathy’s Story

I started volunteering at CAT a month after the shelter first opened. It was a long drive from the far east side of Portland to

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Juanita’s Story

Being an adoption counselor I have many favorite adoption stories. This goes from adopting out the 3 black kittens together (Crash, Cody, and Remington) two

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