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— 25th Anniversary Stories —

In celebration of Cat Adoption Team’s 25th anniversary, we invite you to share a favorite memory from your involvement with CAT. 

Every success over the past 25 years has been possible only because of each and every person who is part of the CAT family.
And that means YOU!

Enjoy heartwarming stories and fun memories from your fellow cat lovers on this memory wall.

Thanks for celebrating with us!

Belle’s Story

This morning as I was cuddling my favorite kitty cat in the world, I kept thinking about how grateful I am for The Cat Adoption

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Robin’s Story

We adopted our first cat from CAT in 2003. She was a great cat and has since passed on. More recently, in September 2022, we

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Dawn’s Story

We got O.J. Squeezy (formerly Wilder) in September of 2014 from CAT after our elderly girl kitty passed away, leaving her sister lonely. Squeezy was

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Meredith’s Story

In 2017 I adopted two kittens being fostered by the amazing Laura Devore. My two were part of a litter affected by panleukopenia and it

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Ann Nelson’s Story

I appreciated CAT allowing 1:1 with multiple kitties to see which one I bonded with, unlike other shelters which made this process difficult. After my

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Denise’s Story

In November of 2019, we had lost a dear feline family member, and were looking to adopt a companion for our remaining cat (who unbeknownst

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