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— 25th Anniversary Stories —

In celebration of Cat Adoption Team’s 25th anniversary, we invite you to share a favorite memory from your involvement with CAT. 

Every success over the past 25 years has been possible only because of each and every person who is part of the CAT family.
And that means YOU!

Enjoy heartwarming stories and fun memories from your fellow cat lovers on this memory wall.

Thanks for celebrating with us!

Evelyn’s Story

I was a new volunteer at CAT, assisting staff assessing and planning care for cats entering the shelter. One of my jobs was retrieving cats

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Lenika’s Story

I found Cat Adoption Team in 2011 when searching for a new furry family member after losing a kitten to a rare disorder. I met

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Lowry’s Story

I was new in the Portland area and had recently lost my remaining elderly cat. I would follow the pet-of-the-week column in the Oregonian and

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Kathy’s Story

My name is Kathy and my husband Tim and I adopted Fred and George from CAT when they were 6 years old in January 2015.

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Abby’s Story

I wasn’t always a cat person…then the pandemic happened. So much was changing. The world was in crisis. I had just moved out on my

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Yohan’s Story

On 12/29/2018 I was having lunch with friends when one of them said, let’s go look at cats! I had procured a letter for an

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Nancy’s Story

One of my favorite CAT memories is how our Behavior Modification program started. In 2015, no one thought that you could train a cat. We

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Salem’s Story

I have loved cats for as long as I can remember. Some of my first memories I have involve cuddling with a cat. That’s probably

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Jenny’s Story

Priscilla was adopted from CAT around 7 years ago during a Black Friday sponsored adoption event. I waited in a line outside in the cold

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