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Jan’s Story

5 years ago I came across a foster mom on Instagram that had a little kitten that was very sick. Latte (as he was known) had pectus excavatum. This meant that his chest was sunken in and crushing his lungs so he had difficulty breathing. Without surgery he would not survive. I believe he was only about 6 weeks old when he had surgery by the wonderful staff and veterinarians at Cat Hospital. He wore a cast used to help his deformed chest return to somewhat normal so he could breath. There were about 74,000 followers on Instagram carefully following him and his recovery. I felt like I was the luckiest one to be able to adopt him and bring him home. He had some issues after coming home with respiratory emergencies that landed him in the ER. He had a mycoplasma infection that was treated with prolonged antibiotics. Max (as he is known now) just celebrated his 5th birthday on September 24th. He is a pure delight and such a goofy character. He follows me everywhere and is always nipping my leg for attention. He is thriving today with my two other adoptees Leo and Kataya. I love all 3 of my fur babies. I have now started volunteering at CAT to show how grateful I am for saving Max. Thank you Cat Adoption Team!!

Shared by: Jan Crow

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