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Jennifer’s Story

Just over 4 years ago, I decided that the family needed a pet – specifically a cat. And that cat would have to be comfortable with a young kid. My son, then age 6, and I went to visit CAT with a plan to meet a few adult cats and see how they responded. Mostly, the cats only came to see me and ignored my son.
But Caitlin was different. As soon as we stepped into the playroom, she came out of her hidey-bed and started following my son around. She played a little, asked for pets, and genuinely seemed interested in him. We stepped away for a bit to think and when we returned to the playroom, Caitlin immediately head-butt my son’s knee and wove around his legs. She couldn’t be clearer: she wanted to be in a family with a kid.
And Caitlin has certainly enjoyed being a cat with a kid. She’s watched my son build LEGO and other projects, listened to him read to her, and rushed to his side to check on him when he’s cried. She’s a family cat, and we are so happy that she’s part of our family.

Shared by: Jennifer McGinnis

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