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Cat Adoption Team reduces adoption fees to empty the shelter for construction

Thanks in part to a generous $13,000 grant from The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA®), the Cat Adoption Team (CAT) will begin a housing renovation project at its Sherwood shelter. The project will result in improvements to enhance the health and welfare of all cats and kittens in the shelter’s care.

Special Adoption Promotion
Because cats will need to move out of the adult cat adoption area, CAT hopes to adopt out as many cats as possible before construction begins on March 16. Although cats will move to other areas of the shelter temporarily, it is best if they can go directly to a new home. Colin

To encourage adoptions prior to construction, adult cat adoption fees at CAT’s main shelter location will be just $25 on Friday and Saturday, March 14 and 15.

“Adoptions from CAT are always exciting, but we can especially use your help right now,” says Karen Green, CAT’s Executive Director. “If you’ve been considering adopting a feline friend, it’s a great time to stop by our shelter to meet the wonderful cats who are looking for loving homes.”

CAT will be open regular business hours during construction, and operations in the shelter’s onsite hospital will not be affected. People can still adopt animals from the shelter and are highly encouraged to do so before construction begins on March 16.

Project Details
CAT will begin the multi-phase project with renovations in the adult cat adoption area. Cat kennels in this area will be retrofitted with portals (cat-sized doorways), a proven option for improving existing cat shelter housing. The portals will double the size of housing for each cat, allowing him or her to move freely between two living spaces.

“Extra space and more choice of where to relax or play reduce the level of stress that cats can experience in the shelter environment, which results in cats that not only feel better and stay healthier, but are more attractive to potential adopters,” Green says. “The portals will improve living conditions and reduce the amount of time between when cats enter the shelter and when they find new homes.”

The ASPCA® grant will fund portal renovations and other housing improvements in the adoption areas of the shelter—including at least 28 portals in the adult adoption area. Besides portals, the grant will help provide new beds and perching options, as well as other items shown to improve cat health and wellness. 

In addition to constructing portals in the adoption areas, CAT hopes to add portals to other housing areas throughout the shelter, including in the onsite hospital and illness isolation wards. Monetary donations can be mailed directly to the shelter at 14175 SW Galbreath Dr., Sherwood, OR 97140 or made using CAT’s secure online donation form.

Phase I construction in the adult adoption area is expected to be completed by March 19. CAT is open Tuesday through Friday, noon to 7 p.m., and Saturday/Sunday, noon to 6 p.m. Adoptions end 30 minutes prior to closing. The shelter is located at 14175 SW Galbreath Dr., Sherwood, OR. For information about CAT’s adoption procedures and to see which cats are available for adoption, visit

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