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Back to school blues

Now that your kids are back at school, is Kitty a little depressed?

Your cat got used to you being around more during the day this summer. With the change back to the school year, Kitty will have some adjustments to make.

You may find that your cat is more active at night now that no one is around during the day. Perhaps a bad habit or two have surfaced - just to get your attention.

Here are some things you can do to help your cat adjust back to life with the kids busy with school and activities:

Get some new toys that will challenge your cat during the day or anytime you are away. Only put them out when you are gone. This Firefly mat is an example of endless fun. Pet Solutions has a whole web page full of interesting toys that will keep your cat busy while you are away. (These may be good to use when you go on vacation as well.)

Keep to a schedule with regard to your cat. Of course your kids’ school activities will put wrinkles in keeping a true schedule, you can keep the feeding time, playtime, and quiet time to a normal schedule. Cats love routine and this will help ease the stress of change.

Include your cat. When you are watching the news or football this fall, bring your cat up on to your lap for some attention. Or get a Cat Dancer (CAT has awesome prices on these toys) so your cat can get some play time with you while you hardly move a couch-potato muscle.

Avoid using food as a way to show Kitty you love her. Extra treats will only lead to a fatter cat. The best thing is to make sure your cat knows he or she is a member of your family.

My last piece of advice is good for dogs, cats, and kids: play to the point of exhaustion. A tired cat is a less mischievous cat and one who may sleep more through the night!

by Kathy Covey

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