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Meet the People: Meg Poitras

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Meg Poitras is CAT’s Admission and Community Support Coordinator as well as a CVT (Certified Veterinary Technician) who has been a valuable member of the CAT team since 2018. In her current role, she coordinates our Nine Lives Transport Program, which brings adoptable cats and kittens to Cat Adoption Team for you! In addition, Meg works closely to support cats and people through our Keeping Cats in Homes fund and Aleece Runge Fund for Senior Cats. Prior to joining staff, Meg volunteered with us for two years. Meg adores animals and truly cannot get enough of their companionship and hilarity—as evidenced by the many species she shares her home with!

CAT: What advice would you give to somebody interested in getting involved in animal welfare?
You can start by volunteering at your local shelter if possible. I think that’s the best way to learn more about it.

CAT: Do you have any pets? What are their names?
Meg: I do! I have a total of 7 pets. Of my dogs, I have Luna- a 2.5 yr old Aussie Shepherd, Kuebuler- a 2 yr Corgi (pictured above), and Wendy- 6yr a Rhodesian ridgeback mix. Cats- Theodore- 10yr Grey tabby, Tootsie- 1 yr Black DMH. Birds- Gonzo- 19yr yellow Cockatiel, Taffie- 20 yr yellow Cockatiel.

CAT: Besides a cat, what’s your favorite animal?
Meg: Ever since I visited Keiko at the Newport Aquarium in 1996-97, Orcas have been my favorite.

CAT: What do you enjoy most about your role at Cat Adoption Team?
Meg: I love being able to bring kitties into the shelter to find them their loving homes, as well as help the community by giving them the best care of their cats.

CAT: Describe your dream vacation.
Meg: I’d want to visit some tropical island for a few weeks. Or maybe go to New Zealand and tour the Lord of the Rings sets.

CAT: What movie or show can you rewatch over and over again?
Meg: Really a lot of them, I could do Friends, House, Code Black, or something Disney.

CAT: What was your favorite childhood gym activity?
Meg: I loved those sit-and-scoot scooters, the ones you had to keep your fingers tucked in so you didn’t roll over them.

CAT: When you’re not at CAT, what do you like to do with your time?
Meg: I honestly just chill at home. Sometimes I will take my dogs on a walk or a hike.

CAT: If you could have any super- power what would it be?
Meg: It’d like to have the power of flight. I think it would be cool to fly.

Meg can usually be spotted in the shelter whisking away a cat or kittens in a carrier to their new digs in preparation for their new home. If you’re lucky to catch this busy lady standing still, chat her up about her love of all critters or Lord of the Rings.

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