CAT Resident Gets The Photoshop Treatment

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Many of you know Oswold. You’ve either met him at Cat Adoption Team’s Sherwood shelter or seen pictures of him on our social media pages. 

Oswold first arrived at CAT in 2014 as a five-month-old kitten, and was adopted in less than a week. But about three years later, this big white-and-black cat was returned to us when his family could no longer care for him. As luck would have it, he found another new home in a matter of days. 

Then last October, Oswold came back to CAT again. His hefty frame and tough-guy exterior might suggest that he’s a confident bruiser… but that’s just a smokeshow. His many life changes have made Oswold a bit insecure. He much prefers routine to uprooting. And he’s not always excited to meet strangers, which can make it tough for his true nature to shine through to potential adopters. 

To help show the world what a loving goofball this guy is, we recently shared a snapshot of Oswold that had people LOLing. His provocative pose inspired one Twitter user (@giantcat9) to photoshop the pic, placing Oswold atop a French Navy ship. (Apropos since we think structure-craving Oswold would excel under the rigor of military life!)

After giggling uncontrollably at the edited photo, CAT posted the original image to the Photoshop Battles subreddit to see what others could create. The Reddit post yielded hilarious results, including Oswold with Queen Elizabeth II, Forrest Gump, and aboard the (movie version of) Titantic

These iconic images are helping us show Oswold to more people. The right family for him is out there — we just need to reach them. As much as we adore this big fella, we’d love for him to leave CAT and find a happy ever after in a home of his own! 

Oswold does life on his own terms. Whether he’s playing in his water dish (See? Navy material!) or nuzzling you, he doesn’t let anyone boss him around. But he’s not all that brave. This hunk will need time to adjust to new surroundings since change is his personal nemesis. Oswold is looking for a home without other cats, but could do well with calm dogs and older children. If this sounds like the cat for you, visit CAT’s shelter to meet him.

If you can’t adopt Oswold, help him find the right home by sharing about him on your own social media. You could even photoshop Oswold’s bench picture into your own funny creation and if you, please share it with us! To see more of these masterpieces on social media, follow #PhotoshopOswold on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

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