Catnap Week: CAT Shelter & Thrift Store Closed

A tabby cat asleep on a carpeted cat tree

Catnap Week: CAT Shelter & Thrift Store Closed

From February 19-25, we are closing our shelter and thrift store for an organization-wide week off to support all staff. No need to worry. Our commitment to animal care won’t stop—even as we take a bit of breather.

While many kitties will move out to foster care, a small team of staff and volunteers will be at the shelter each day to care for any cats here, to support our offsite adoption centers and foster volunteers, and to keep our everyday work going. During this break, we’ll respond to urgent CAT Helpline requests so that folks who need immediate support have options. All other services and customer support will be reduced during this time.

Thank you for your support and understanding!


Feb 19 - 26 2023


All Day