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Please Note:

CAT accepts cats and kittens by appointment only. If you need immediate placement, please click here for other options. We cannot accept walk-ins.

CAT’s intake process

CAT accepts cats from the public by appointment only on a limited basis. This is to better help the animals in our care stay healthy and free from stress by not overloading the shelter. As cats are adopted, space is then available to bring in new cats to find homes. CAT is dedicated to helping those cats who are most at-risk by assisting our shelter partners during times of need.

Intake Consultation Form

Re-homing your own cat or kitten? Currently, CAT is accepting public intake appointments for adult cats and kittens, as well as return appointments for cats/kittens adopted from CAT less than 60 days ago. All returning or new cats/kittens are accepted by appointment only. To return a recently adopted cat to CAT or to request assistance with a cat or kitten you wish to re-home:

  • Complete CAT’s Intake Consultation Form. Please take time to thoughtfully complete the form as the information you provide helps us understand your cat’s needs and determine how we can best assist him/her.
  • An intake counselor will contact you within 72 hours of receiving your form. Please note that intake appointments are limited, so there may be a wait period before we can take your cat into the shelter (typically about two weeks).

Surrendering a stray or help with a found cat? If you are in Washington, Multnomah, Marion, or Clark Counties, please contact your local animal control agency or try to find the cat’s owners by using tips found on our lost/found web page. If you found a stray or abandoned cat in Yamhill or Clackamas County, CAT may be able to assist—please complete CAT’s Intake Consultation Form.

Intake exam and appointment

At your scheduled intake appointment, CAT’s hospital staff will perform an initial exam. A $50 exam fee is required for all cats being considered for intake.

Exam fees are nonrefundable and due at the time of the intake exam. Intake appointments and exam fees do not guarantee placement in our adoption program—if the staff have medical or behavioral concerns, CAT may not be able to take in your cat.

All cats must be tested for FIV and FeLV prior to being accepted into our adoption program. Our onsite hospital staff can perform FIV/FeLV tests during the intake appointment (included in your intake exam fee). You may elect to have your cat tested elsewhere and fax the results to CAT prior to your appointment; however, once cats are tested, they must be kept indoors to prevent future exposure to these diseases.

If your cat will be surrendered to our shelter, we request a $35+ intake donation to help us care for your cat. Please see below for information about intake fees and donations.

Why CAT requests exam fees and intake donations
CAT charges an exam fee of $50 and requests an additional donation of at least $35 for cat(s) coming to us for adoption. These funds help cover medical and general costs of caring for the cat while in our shelter. In addition to vaccinations and other medical treatments, CAT provides socialization and enrichment, housing, bedding, food, water, litter, and other supplies while working to find new homes for the cats in our care. The average cost to provide this care is $250 per cat.

CAT is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and we do not receive any government funding or tax revenue. Your intake donation (not exam fee) is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

We understand that intake fees and donations may be a hardship for some individuals. Please complete the Intake Consultation Form; you can discuss fee options with the intake counselor.