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Found a cat/kittens


If you find a cat or kitten, there are several things you can do to help find the cat’s owner or provide the cat with the opportunity for a new home.

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What to do with a stray cat

Take the cat to your nearest veterinarian to scan for a microchip. You may be able to get the cat back to their owner right away! If there is no microchip, all stray or found cats must first go to local county animal services in order to give the cat the best chance of being reunited with its owner. You can find the animal services agency closest to you by searching online for “animal services” in your area.

In the Portland metro area, county animal agencies include:
Multnomah County Animal Services »
Washington County Animal Services »
Clark County Animal Services »
SW Washington Humane Society (Vancouver, Wash. area) »

CAT is only able to accept owner-relinquished animals, per county regulations. Clackamas County and Yamhill County currently do not accept stray/found cats. However, Clackamas County does have an online lost/found listing. For a list of other local organizations, click here.

We offer the following tips and resources to help you with lost and found cats:

  • Before you attempt to bring a cat to a shelter, determine whether the cat is a feral cat. Feral cats should not be taken to shelters—visit the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon website for more information about how to handle a feral cat(s).
  • File a found pet report with your local county control agency (see above).
  • Put up signs in your neighborhood—if you live in/near apartment complexes, leave a flyer with the manager.
  • Check and post lost/found pet ads in newspapers, on craigslist, and on other online lost/found pet listings.
  • Walk around your neighborhood and talk to neighbors who might know and/or be looking for the cat.
  • Post information on your personal social media pages to spread the word about a found cat.
  • If you found a lactating female cat, please do not remove her or confine her to a cage or trap. Try to find her kittens and reunite them; separating them can be harmful to both kittens and mama cat.
  • CAT does not accept stray cats; please consult with your county animal control agency or use the tips above to help you find a home for this cat.

Found a kitten(s)

When you come across outdoor kittens, you may feel the need to immediately pick them up and bring them home with you, but that might not be the best thing for the kittens—or for you. Here are some guidelines to help you determine the best option.

  • Most kittens are not abandoned by their mother. Before you move the kittens, read this information about what to do when you find kittens outdoors.
  • Be sure to keep the mom and kittens together; separating them can cause problems for both the kittens and mama cat.
  • Feed the mama cat and make sure she has access to fresh water.
  • Never confine a lactating female cat to a cage or trap—her kittens need to feed every few hours.
  • If you cannot find the mama cat, read through this information about how to care for newborn kittens and neonatal kitten care.
  • If you wish to socialize and care for the kittens yourself, please consider this information from Alley Cat Allies about what it takes to care for very young and/or feral kittens. You may also find these Orphaned Kitten Care: How-To Videos helpful.
  • CAT does not accept stray cats or kittens; please consult with your county animal control agency or use the tips under “What to do with a stray cat” to help you find a home for the kittens.

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