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Support for our foster volunteers

The Cat Adoption Team’s fostering program offers volunteers a lot of support - it really does take a community to raise a kitten!

CAT’s program is nationally recognized by PetSmart because we have support in place to help you be a fostering rock star.

Mentors: Every foster volunteer is assigned a mentor (an experienced CAT foster volunteer) who guides and supports newer foster volunteers and who will contact CAT’s medical team as needed. A mentor is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Financial Commitment: CAT covers all approved medical costs for the cats/kittens. Typically, foster volunteers pay for food, litter, toys, cleaning supplies, and other basic care supplies. However, if you cannot afford to pay for all of the food and litter, we can supply those thanks to Purina ONE. Ask for more details.

Group Support: CAT foster volunteers belong to an email group, where they may post questions and receive updates. The group is a great way to share and feel a part of the program. This is also where you’d find out when we have groups of kittens ready to be fostered.

Adoptions: We empower of our foster volunteers to market their foster kittens. Who better to tell others about how great their kittens are, and to help find them forever homes. Foster volunteers can help find homes for their fostering by taking their foster kittens to offsite adoption centers on weekends. We now require that foster kittens visit an offsite location at least once a month after they are over six weeks of age. CAT also posts pictures and biographies of foster cats and kittens on CAT’s adoptable cat list on the CAT website (via Petfinder) to help them find homes

“Baby” Bags: These bags, and our mentor program, allow us to recognize and treat illness in the foster home. By leaving the kittens in the foster home environment, we are able to reduce stress and help them get better fast.

Vaccine Clinics: CAT cats and kittens are vaccinated before returning to the shelter. CAT offers clinics to teach foster volunteers how to administer vaccines safely when needed. This is not mandatory for fostering. A trained volunteer can meet with you to administer vaccines at a convenient time. 

Apply to be a CAT Volunteer today. Please note that CAT staff will get back to you as soon as possible, but this may take as long as a week. Applicants whose interests and schedule match current openings are invited to attend a Volunteer Orientation, typically held on three weekend days per month (occasionally weekday evening orientations are offered).

VIC Log On for current CAT volunteers.