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Disaster preparation

Be prepared and keep your pets safe in an emergency:
Preparing for a Disaster: details on how to make an emergency kit and plan
Keeping pets safe when a tornado strikes
Avoid evacuation gridlock with your pet

You may be thinking, I live in Oregon. We don’t have those devastating natural disasters I read about.

Historical natural disasters in the Pacific Northwest

  • Earthquakes - Oregon sits on an active fault
  • Flooding - Johnson Creek regularly floods; Vernonia was underwater in Dec. 2007
  • Hurricanes - In Dec. 2007, hurricane-force winds hit the Oregon coast
  • Snowstorms - 15+ inches fell during a Dec. 2008 snowstorm
  • Tornadoes - Dec. 2010 twister damaged Aumsville; an EF1 touched down in Vancouver in Jan. 2008