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Spay & neuter resources

Spay & neuter resources


Cost should not deter you from getting your cat spayed/neutered. There are many resources to help reduce the cost of doing the right thing.

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You may qualify to have your cat spayed or neutered for just $10.

For cat-owners on public assistance, click here for more information about Spay & Save services. Take advantage of this Portland Metro area-wide initiative that will save you money and save thousands of cats by preventing overpopulation!

Call CAT today to see if you qualify to have your cat fixed for just $10:  (503) 925-8903

Spay & Save is a project of the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland (ASAP), of which CAT is a founding member.

Print and share the Spay & Save flyer.

Support CAT’s low-cost spay/neuter efforts with your donation. Help us continue to provide this valuable program.

Discounted Spay/Neuter via Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund Coupon

To help eliminate further pet overpopulation and animal suffering the Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund offers discounted neuters for $33 (male cat) and spays for $49 (female cat). To have your cat or kitten spayed or neutered at Cat Adoption Team, print an Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund coupon directly from OSNF and then call (503) 925-8903 to schedule your appointment. There are a limited number of appointments available during the week, so we appreciate your flexibility.

Call the Cat Adoption Team (503-925-8903) to discuss other low-cost and subsidized spay/neuter options if you are in need of financial assistance.

Other resources include:

These resources are to assist pet owners and animal caregivers. The contents of external websites are beyond CAT’s control. CAT accepts listings to these web pages complementary to its mission statement and reserves the right to refuse or remove any listings that are not in line with CAT’s mission.