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What do I do

If you find a cat / kitten, there are several things you can do to help find the cat’s owner or provide the cat with the opportunity for a new home.

Is that cat or kitten a stray or feral cat?

We all see free roaming cats around the neighborhood. Is that cat owned or a stray? The only way to know for sure is to walk around your neighborhood and talk to your neighbors.

When you come across outdoor kittens, you may feel the need to immediately pick them up and bring them home with you, but that might not be the best thing for the kittens–or for you. Here are some guidelines on how to decide if kittens in a colony should be removed and socialized for adoption, and how to care for them should you choose to remove them and raise or socialize them yourself.  Please read and consider this information from Alley Cat Allies.

If you choose to “foster” until an owner is found:

  • Take the kitty to your veterinarian to have him/her scanned for a microchip. Also, have your veterinarian estimate an age for the cat.
  • File a found pet report with your local county control agency.
  • Place a “found pet” ad in newspapers and on Craig’s List.
  • Put up “found pet” signs – if you live near apartment complexes, make sure to leave a flyer with the manager.
  • Check “lost pet” newspaper ads.
  • Walk around your neighborhood and talk to neighbors
  • Dial into the power of your social network. Post information on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. pages to let your friend know.
  • Check out missing pet reports at veterinary clinics, animal shelters and humane organizations, and your local police department.
  • Post a “found pet” report on Internet sites.


If you cannot keep the cat/kitten until an owner is found:

  • Stray cats should be taken to your local county animal control agency, as that is where owners will look first. Find the animal control agency closest to you by either looking in the phone book or checking our online list of shelter agencies.
  • The Cat Adoption Team does not accept incoming stray cats without an intake appointment. Please fill out our online intake form. You will receive a call back within 72 hours from an intake counselor. At that time you may also receive information about other shelters that may be able to assist as well. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule and the urgency in getting the lost/stray kitty to a shelter to be reunited with his/her owner.


If you’ve found a pregnant female cat, a momma cat with small kittens, or orphaned kittens:

  • Be sure to keep the mom or kittens together.
  • Please continue to feed the momma cat.
  • Please do not confine a lactating female cat to a cage or trap as her kittens need to feed every few hours. It is best not separate the kittens from their mother at this point.
  • See tips on finding the owner (above)
  • Contact CAT as soon as you have located the kittens or mom cat for more information on what you can do and what services CAT can offer you in this instance.
  • Please fill our our online intake form and an intake coordinator will contact you.

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