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You can award CAT $10,000

Here’s how:

  • Log on to Facebook
  • Go to the Petco Foundation’s fan page and click the 100 Celebration challenge (or go directly there with this link)
  • “Like” the “100 Celebrations” page
  • Scroll to the third page to find CAT - Sherwood (there are 3 Cat Adoption Teams - be sure it is us!)
  • Click vote
  • Share with your Facebook friends
  • Calendar to vote tomorrow and the next day and so on…through October 5
  • You get one vote per day per Facebook account

Thank you!


You can award CAT $10,000

You have the power to give CAT a $10,000 grant from Petco Foundation. That is if you are on Facebook.

Petco Foundation chose Facebook as the exclusive platform for their vote-to-give grant. (See below for how you can vote for CAT.)

Ten thousand dollars is a big amount. The length of time it takes to roll off your tongue shows just how huge it is!

What could CAT do with $10,000?  Funny you should ask because that amount could go a long way towards funding many of our life saving programs and services:

  • Subsidize over 450 low-cost spay/neuter surgeries that we offer through our $10 Spay & Save program. That prevents the birth of 1,000 or more unwanted kittens in just one year.
  • Microchip 1,000 shelter cats prior to adoption ensuring that they will be found should they get lost. Since less than 20 percent of lost cats are ever reunited with their families.
  • Stock 320 baby bags provided to CAT’s foster parents. These kits are full of essential supplies and medications that ensure the over 1,000 kittens in foster care have a healthy start to a long life. Coupled with intense training, these baby bag kits are vital to the success of our foster care program.
  • Clean cage, soft bed, fresh food, water, and litter, medical care, toys, and love provided to 60 cats during their stay in our shelter until they get adopted.


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