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Two lives saved

Left to die in an 18 gallon Rubbermaid container in a dumpster with trash piling up around them, two young female cats are lucky to be alive today. Saturday morning (March 23), an employee of the Washington Square PetSmart discovered the cats discarded like trash behind the store.

They were both inside the nearly new, sealed blue plastic tub inside the dumpster with trash already starting to pile up on top of them. We don’t know exactly how long the cats were in the tub inside the dumpster - could have been for two to more than five hours. From the store manager, Cat Adoption Team learned that the employee who found the young cats was “taught by his mother to always look in a closed container, if he found one.” Apparently this employee grew up in New York and years ago a news story about a baby abandoned in a similar way struck a cord with his mother.

hazel-cat-abandoned-in-dumpster-march-2013The cats were checked out by the veterinarians at the Banfield Pet Hospital at the PetSmart and then rested for the day inside the CAT adoption center at the store.

By Saturday evening, the two young female cats were safe at the Cat Adoption Team’s shelter in Sherwood.

Hazel is a brown tabby, and about one year old; the other, Grace, is two-year old orange tabby; it is uncertain if the cats are spayed or not right now. Hazel is the more outgoing of the two. Grace is still unsure of things right now and it taking her time to warm up to staff.

Right now the cats are not available for public viewing or adoption.

CAT urges anyone who knows something about these cats or the person who left them to die to contact authorities. Animal abandonment is against the law in Oregon and is a Class B Misdemeanor (punishable by 6 months in jail and/or a $2,500 penalty). (ORS 167.340)

grace-cat-abandoned-in-dumpster-march-2013If you have a cat you can no longer keep, CAT has resources to help at “Please don’t wait until the last minute to try to find a new home for your cats,” advises Karen Green, Cat Adoption Team Executive Director. Because local animal shelters do have an intake process and a waiting list, it is better to get on the list early.

Everyone at the Cat Adoption Team wishes to thank the Washington Square PetSmart and Banfield Pet Hospital for helping to save these two young cats.

Update March 29

Hazel – the brown tabby – was not pregnant and is now spayed.
Grace – the orange tabby – was already spayed.

haze and grace available for adoption after rescued from dumpsterBoth of these cats will be available for adoption today, Friday, March 29. CAT would like for them to go to the same home.

Final update

Barely on the adoption floor for one day, Hazel and Grace went home just before 7 pm on Friday. Adopted by Brett and Melissa of Portland.


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