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Purina ONE feeds shelter cats

CAT received $53,000 in Cat Food Donations in 2011

Thousands of shelter cats at CAT were well fed in 2011 thanks to a generous donation by Purina ONE. We receive Purina ONE dry and wet cat food as part of the Purina ONE Shelter Pet Program.

In 2011, Purina ONE provided CAT with almost $53,000 worth of cat food or 7,668 pounds of dry food and 27,624 cans of wet food. This included pricey specialty/prescription cat food that elsewhere would have cost the organization over $100 a bag.

“Being a Purina ONE’s shelter partner provides us with a constant and consistent supply of high quality cat food, essential to maintaining feline health in the very stressful environment of an animal shelter,” said Kristi Brooks, Operations Manager at CAT. “Our cats look beautiful. Their coats are shiny and eyes are bright. All signs of good health.”

A consistent diet of high quality cat food also makes the daily cleaning of 150 litter boxes much easier for staff and volunteers. (We’ll leave it to you to read between the lines of what makes an easier litter box to clean but will gladly spell it out for you if you really want!) Purina also provided 1,000 bags of cat litter for the shelter cats’ use.

About the Purina ONE Shelter Pet Program:  It began back in 2008, and since then, more than 2 million pounds of Purina ONE pet food have been donated to more than 200,000 homeless pets. And it doesn’t stop there. With your support, plus the support of our 14 shelter partners (including Cat Adoption Team), the program is still growing. And still making a difference.

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