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Shelter housing improvements encourage happier, healthier cats

Thanks to the incredible support of our donors and generous grant funding, the Cat Adoption Team (CAT) continues to make housing improvements at its Sherwood shelter. The purpose of these changes is to enhance the health and welfare of all cats and kittens in the shelter’s care, ensuring that both physical and emotional needs are being met. Such adjustments are not only good for cats while they are in the shelter, but encourage behavior that helps cats appeal to the right homes and find loving families faster.

Renovations began in 2012 with the help of grant funding from the Petco Foundation to renovate and remodel our free-roam rooms. The updates provide cats with more light, exposure, and opportunities to choose how and where to spend their time within the rooms.

Wenona portalIn March, thanks in part to grant funding from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA®), CAT began another multi-phase project. The first step was the addition of portals in the adult adoption area. The cat-sized doorways are built into existing kennels, and have been shown to improve feline health and emotional well-being. Nearly 30 newly added portals in the adult cat adoption area have doubled—and in some instances tripled—the individual housing for each cat, allowing him or her to move freely between multiple kennel spaces.

“Extra space and more choice of where to relax or play reduce the level of stress that cats can experience in the shelter environment, which results in cats that not only feel better and stay healthier, but are more attractive to potential adopters,” says Karen Green, executive director. “The portals will improve living conditions and reduce the amount of time between when cats enter the shelter and when they find new homes.”

Jill portalThe ASPCA® grant and donor support will fund additional portal renovations and other housing improvements throughout the shelter. Besides portals, CAT plans to provide new bedding, perching, and privacy options in the kennels, as well as other items shown to improve cat health and wellness.

We invite you to stop by any time during open hours to see how much the cats are enjoying all the improvements! CAT is open Tuesday through Friday, noon to 7 p.m., and Saturday/Sunday, noon to 6 p.m.

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