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CAT’s 30,000 cat adoption

30000th cat adoption ChomperThe Cat Adoption Team is pleased to announce that Chomper, a 3-year-old, FIV+, adult black cat, is the our 30,000th adoption.

Chomper was adopted Friday evening (March 15, 2013) by Theresa Brown of Beaverton (pictured), Ore. He will be Theresa’s only pet.

For the past week, Theresa visited CAT’s shelter to get to know a few of the cats she was interested in.  It was Chomper who nuzzled his way into her heart. “He’s a real sweet heart but loves on his own terms,” said Theresa.  She likes a cat with attitude and is drawn to helping those with special needs. Chomper does have FIV, feline immunodeficiency virus. Only cats can contract FIV and transmission is through deep bite wounds and scratches where the infected cat’s saliva enters the other cat’s bloodstream.

He was surrendered to CAT in August 2012 with the name “Chomper”. Theresa is unsure if she will keep that name since it really doesn’t fit his gentle, shy nature. (Update: Chomper is now known as Hubert).

30000th adoption with executive directorNow everyone at CAT is wondering who will be number 30,001.

Video of the pair.

(Photos by Denise C - volunteer)

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