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Cat nap

Have you ever worked from home thinking you’d enjoy the day with a cat sitting on your lap while you type away? Maybe your kitty would chase the tip of your pen as you scribbled down ideas to develop.

If you are ever lucky enough to work from home, you’ll get the opportunity to watch what your cats really do during the day.

Lamm Photography>Guess what - they sleep!

Oh sure, your cat may have moments of moving around the house seeking out the warmth of the sun spots appearing on the couch, carpet, and chairs. So long as your kitty is in the sun, your cat is happy and content. And asleep.

This is one of the things we accept as cat owners. When we are home during the day for any reason, most of the times our cats will not seek us out because they have something better to do - sleep.

Why do they sleep so much?

Domesticated cats really have an easy life that doesn’t seem to require the level of physical or mental activity calling for the amount of sleep they seem to need. Most cats will sleep an average of 13 - 16 hours each day. EACH DAY. That’s more than a teenager! Only possums and bats sleep more - snoozing away almost 20 hours a day.

You have to go back and look at where domesticated cats evolved from: wild cats who hunted to survive. Cats are also crepuscular (a big word meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk). Since most of the wild cats’ prey is active at these times, cats can hone in on their day time napping skills. Cats also didn’t need to graze for hours to consume enough nutrients to survive. They kill one gazelle and they are set. So they have plenty of time to doze.

We can only blame ourselves because we domesticated and fell in love with an animal would rather be sleeping than entertaining us when we are home during the day. Maybe we are all just a little jealous. They can fall asleep seeming at the drop of a hat, sleep through thunderstorms, sleep in odd places and positions, and make sleep a priority. How many of us can do that?

So stop feeling guilty about leaving your cats home alone during the day…they’ll just be asleep.

by Kathy Covey

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