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30,000th Adoption

We are purring with excitement here at CAT.


Because we are so close to our 30,000th cat/kitten adoption. That’s 30,000 adoptions in just under 15 years!

Will it be Apple Box – named because he was found in one? He’s a sweet black cat who can throw his ample weight around to get your attention.

Will it be Ursula – CAT’s lobby ambassador? She’s a beautiful, yet particular, tabby who is sporting a few extra toes (polydactyl).

Will it be Accalia – our Thrift Store’s feline ambassador? She’s won the hearts of the Store staff and volunteers. Will she win your heart too?

“Every time I see an adopter walk out the door with a new feline companion, I am filled with gratitude that they choose to adopt from CAT,” says Karen Green, CAT’s Executive Director. “Think of the fun adventures they will have together. We are all humbled to be part of the long and amazing life they will have together. And to think, it all started right here at CAT!”

In May 1998, the Cat Adoption Team was founded to help homeless and unwanted cats and kittens through adoption, medical care, and fostering. Today, CAT is the largest cat-only adoption guarantee shelter in the region. Over 77 percent of the cats sheltered at CAT came from other animal shelters, helping those organizations save more lives and ensuring that no healthy adoptable cat is euthanized.

Highlights from 15 years and 30,000th adoptions at the Cat Adoption Team:

•May 1998 – founded with 35 cats looking for homes
•2000 – begins to partner with pet supply stores to open off site adoption centers
•2002 – opens on-site veterinary clinic (the very first vet clinic to be installed inside an animal shelter in Oregon)
•2006 – CAT adopts its 10,000th cat
•2006 – CAT becomes one of the founding organizations for the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland
•2008 – the Cat Food Bank is opened at CAT (first organized pet food bank in Portland)
•2008 – low-cost spay/neuter clinics for owned begin at CAT’s veterinary hospital
•2009 – CAT adopts its 20,000th cat
•2013 – awaiting CAT’s 30,000th adoption

Our name says what we are all about - adoptions! Everyone who volunteers, donates, or fosters is part of the team dedicated to finding the cats in our care the best possible homes.

Thank you to everyone for getting is to 30,000 adoptions.

30k cat adoption


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