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Why adopting is THE things to do:


1,000 cat adoption three month challenge

Helping 1,000 cats and kittens land on their feet and in new homes

You love your pet cat.

Now is the time to help your friends discover how great a pet kitty can be. Help them realize how much their lives will be enriched when they invite a curious feline into their hearts and homes.

Everyone at CAT is committed to finding homes for 1,000 (or more) cats and kittens in three months - before the end of 2012. Yup, that’s right. We want to put a little purr into everyone’s life before the end of the year.

Just think, in three months, that’s

  • 1,000 lap warmers
  • 1,000 bed hogs
  • 1,000 purr machines
  • 1,000 paper holder-downers
  • 1,000 shelter cats and kittens in loving homes!

Like our Facebook page to join in the count up to 1,000 adoptions in three months, celebrate every homecoming, and learn about adoption specials.

With your help, we can end feline-less-ness in Portland.



Here are some very happy adopters: in 2010, brothers Malcom and Martin adopted kittens from CAT rather than receiving Christmas gifts.


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