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Marketing your foster kittens

Marketing will help you find homes for your foster kittens. Social media is a terrific tool to raise awareness of the kittens. Kittens also tug at the heart strings. Use their stories to create compelling fundraising letters.

Marketing training for foster volunteers (for their foster kittens) (PPT zip)

Tips for writing biographies for online pet lists (PetFinder) (pdf)

Social Media Marketing Guide (pdf)

Sample of a fundraising letter about the kittens (pdf)

Template of a fundraising letter about a kitten (docx)

Here are some documents that will give you a step up when you organize an adoption event for your foster kittens:

Drop off information sheet for foster kittens (doc)

“Kitten Wrangler” for adoption event (doc)

SOPs for pre-adoptions of kittens (doc)