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Foster Coordinator information

Find everything your organization’s foster coordinator will need to make his/her job easier. Below are links to documents that provide a way to track your foster parents, prepare baby bag tags, and includes detailed job descriptions for staff and volunteers.

About the documents in this section:

  • Baby Bag documents - to provide your volunteers with the tools they will need to make a difference
  • Budget worksheet - this is a tool to help you estimate what the program might cost your shelter
  • Data Tracking Sheet – for analysis of your program year after year
  • Foster Parents Tracking – helps you keep track of your foster homes, what they like and don’t like to foster, what part of town they are in, and when they are ready to foster again..
  • Sample Kitten List – a marketing tool to let the public know where your kittens are and when they can be seen for pre-adoption; this will allow you to track all aspects of your program, including how many foster parents, groups, deaths, and from which intake sources. This is helpful even if you use Shelter Buddy or other software
  • Temporary Foster homes – the pros and cons for why to use temporary foster parents. Remember to give them the same training and have the same expectations of them as your regular volunteers
  • Manuals - details to provide to your volunteers about fostering or mentoring
  • Training and retaining volunteers

Baby Bag

Baby Bag protocol (docx)

Baby Bag tag (doc)

Baby Bag tag (docx)

Baby Bag tag instruction sheet (docx)

How to age a cat (pdf)

Budget & Tracking

Budget Worksheet (zip - Excel document)

Data Tracking Sheet (zip - Excel document)

Foster Parents tracking sheet (zip - Excel document)

Kitten list

Sample kitten list (doc)

Temporary fosters

Temporary Foster Homes (docx)


The following manuals are Word documents. They are large files and may take a long time to download.

Kitten Foster Manual (Maternity)

Kitten Foster Manual (NeoNatal)

Mentor Manual (Maternity)

Mentor Manual (NeoNatal)

Training and retaining

Foster Training (doc)

Foster Training PowerPoint (Maternity).(zip)

Foster Training PowerPoint (NeoNatal) (zip)

Mentor Training PowerPoint (zip)

Volunteer Retention PowerPoint (zip)

Tips/tricks and lessons learned (docx)

List of training materials you will need to get started(pdf)

We know you have questions. We’ve developed many protocols and policies that may help you.

Suggestions for successful kitten intake (pdf)