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Other resources for unique challenges

Below are links to external websites that may have information for your unique feline situation:

Prevent being locked out of your house when your pet needs you most

Paying for Veterinary Costs

Care Credit offers payment options so you don’t have to compromise
RedRover Relief Grants - may help with actual cash to pay for treatment
Tips and resources from the Humane Society of the United States
Pet insurance as an option
Pet insurance reviews
Things to consider when comparing pet insurance (provided by UK blogger)
Animal Aid Fund for Urgent Veterinary Care
Sources for help with veterinary bills

Medical Care

Find a veterinarian in Oregon
Low-cost vaccination clinic
Spay/neuter options

Identification and Tracking

GPS pet tracking collars
Pet locator and tracking: find your pet’s hiding spot

Fencing to keep kitty in your yard:

Catio Building
Pre-made Enclosures
Safe Outside
Enclosure Options

Keep the cat from climbing that tree:

Tree Baffle (article is about squirrels, but scroll down a ways to see the baffle)
Another way to prevent cats from climbing trees (the cat deterrent photo).

Cat up a tree?

Contact the Oregon Humane Society Technical Animal Rescue Team for resources (pdf)

Cat in a Tree Rescue (503-803-5809)

These resources are to assist cat owners. The contents of external websites are beyond CAT’s control. CAT accepts listings to this web page that are complementary to its mission statement and reserves the right to refuse or remove any listings that are not in line with CAT’s mission.