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Are you really ready?


While many of us flocked to Home Depot and Fred Meyer after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf Coast in 2005, are we maintaining that level of preparedness today, four years later?

You may be thinking, I live in Oregon. We don’t have those devastating natural disasters I read about.

  • Hurricanes - in December 2007, hurricane-force winds hit the Oregon coast.
  • Tornadoes - in December 2010, a twister did damage in Aumsville and in January 2008, an EF1 touched down in Vancouver.
  • Earthquakes - we all know Oregon sits on a pretty active fault and everyone in the Portland-area has been warned of the imminent ‘big’ one. Remember the Scotts Mills quake in March 1993.
  • Flooding - just try to remember a winter when the Johnson Creek didn’t flood, and Vernonia was underwater in December 2007.
  • Region-wide Emergencies - how about the 15+ inches we all dealt with Christmas 2008?

So you concede Oregon has disasters and you should be prepared. CAT offers tips and information to help you get prepared and stay prepared: