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Adoption policies

To ensure happy, successful life-long adoptions for cats and adopters alike, CAT adopts according to the policies below.

Indoor-Only: Because cats live much longer, safer lives indoors, CAT adopts to indoor-only homes.

In rare cases (typically when cats have persistent behavioral problems, such as inappropriate elimination, for which CAT veterinary staff have found no physical cause), cats may be approved to go to an indoor/outdoor home. Those adopting cats designated for possible indoor/outdoor homes go through CAT’s normal adoption process and sign a contract specific to indoor/outdoor situations.

Declawing: CAT asks adopters not to declaw adopted cats. Your adoption counselor can provide information about the detriments of declawing, humane alternatives, and how to train a cat to use a scratching post.

For adopters looking for declawed cats, there are almost always previously declawed cats at CAT awaiting adoption.

Kittens: Kittens must be 8-10 weeks old before they are available for adoption. This ensures that kittens receive a strong, healthy start in life and minimizes behavior problems because they are fully weaned and litter box trained. All kittens are spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

Kittens under six weeks of age are listed on CAT’s foster care list but are not available for viewing.

FIV+ Cats: CAT has a small number of FIV+ cats available for adoption. These cats can live relatively long and healthy lives in an indoor, low-stress environment. Because there is a risk of FIV transmission to other cats, the adoption of FIV-positive cats into homes with FIV-negative cats is done on a case-by-case basis. In some instances, FIV-positive cats may be required to be adopted as only cats or share homes only with cats who are also FIV-positive. (FIV is contagious only between cats; humans, dogs, and other non-feline pets cannot contract the disease.)

Renting with Cats: Since we want to make lifelong placements for our cats, we ask that adopters make sure their landlord allows cats and to pay any pet deposits in advance of adopting.

Cats as Gifts: CAT has gift certificates available for those wishing to give a gift adoption. Please note that adopters (the adult or adults with whom the cat will live) must meet with a cat or kitten prior to adoption; choosing a cat is a very personal decision and plays an important role in making a lifelong commitment to a new family member.

Shipping of Cats: We ask adopters to meet with and get to know the cats or kittens prior to adoption. Therefore, we do not ship cats or kittens.

Adoption of Black Cats around Halloween: For the several years, the Cat Adoption Team has not put a halt to the adoption of black cats on Halloween. CAT’s adoption counselors are just as vigilant and informative with potential adopters, as they always are, up to and through Halloween. Black or mostly black cats make up the majority of felines available for adoption at the shelter so it doesn’t make sense to exclude the shelter’s largest population from a chance at a home. There has been no evidence that black cats adopted from shelters are used for mischief in the Portland area over Halloween. From the Oregon Humane Society web site: “Up to and through Halloween, the Oregon Humane Society will be adopting out black cats, black dogs, and even black rats (along with all the other color mixes pets). OHS Humane Investigators assure us that there are no problems for black cats during this time of year and OHS’s adoption procedures and policies are in place to make sure all animals go to loving families.” CAT joins with other animal shelters in the Portland area and across the country by offering an opportunity for folks to fall in love with black cats any time of the year, including Halloween.