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Alumni Album


Celebrating 15 years of adoptions

cat adoption alum Kate Kate Adopted: September 2004 - a sweet shy kitty
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cat adoption alum chap Chap such a loving boy.

cat adoption alum Greyson Greyson Adopted: 2005 - a very playful and much loved cat
cat adoption alum lincoln Lincoln Adopted: February 2013 - he loves to play all the time
cat adoption alum Hazel and Grace Hazel and Grace Adopted: March 2013 - such sweethearts

cat adoption success alum Daxter Daxter Adopted 11/2012: he loves to play with the TP
cat adoption success Heidi Bento Heidi & Benito Adopted 2/2013: they are very comfortable in their new home
cat adoption success JessieBelle JessieBelle Adopted 7/1999: a much loved companion

cat adoption success Kitkat KitKat Adopted 2/2011: a great source of love and entertainment
cat adoption success Lulu Lulu She is a very loved cat in her new home
cat adoption success Maho Maho Adopted 4/2004: a much loved senior kitty

cat adoption success Maisy Maisy Makes her family more complete every day.
cat adoption success Radar Radar Adopted 1/2013: he loves his toy and his new family
cat adoption success Sushi Sushi Having a wonderful time getting to know her new family

cat adoption alum Alex Alex Adopted: October 2010 and is a joy
cat adoption alum Elsie Elsie Adopted: October 2010 and is Alex's best friend
cat adoption alum Annabelle AnnaBelle Adopted: 2008 - playful and lovable cat who likes watching the birds through the window

cat adoption alum Apollo Shadow Adopted: August 2008 and is the cutest shadow his feline roommate has ever had
cat adoption alum Augusta Augusta Adopted: June 2008 and she is a serious cuddler
cat adoption alum Bonbon BonBon A terrific feline companion

cat adoption alum coco Coco Adopted January 2012. She is frisky and loving.
cat adoption alums Darius and Finnick Darius and Finnick Adopted: October 2011. Brothers who are best friends.
cat adoption alum Dave Dave Adopted: March 2002 and has lost 10 pounds since then so he is happy and healthy and much loved

cat adoption alum Donny Donny Adopted: May 2012. He's a fun addition
cat adoption alum Emmett Emmett Adopted: July 2003. Is an independent and precarious cat
cat adoption alum Ernie Ernie Adopted: July 2003. His meows sound like little dog barks.

cat adoption alum Gandalf Gandalf Adopted: October 2009. An affectionate cat who likes to play with his doggie "sister".
cat adoption alum Haggis Haggis Adopted: July 2012 and always keep life interesting.
cat adoption alum Henry and WesPhoto Henry and Wes Adopted: July 2007 and 2012: They spend the day joyfully chasing each other up/down the stairs.

cat adoption alums Julia and Olive Julia (with Olive) Adopted: May 2012. She is also know as Goldy Locks
cat adoption alums Kona and StanleyPhoto Kona and Stanley Adopted: February 2010 (mom and son) who are happy and spoiled rotten.
cat adoption alum Kush Kush Adopted: 2010. She is sweet and spunky.

cat adoption alum Little Boy Little Boy Adopted: 2010. He is a wonderful snuggler with a big purr.
cat adoption alums Lucas and Lahaina Lucas and Lahaina Adopted: 2010. Both are lap cats (makes 30 pounds of snuggling fur).
cat adoption alum Luna Luna Lovegood Adopted: December 2012. She is a sweety and fully of love

cat adoption alum Lyla Lyla Adopted: May 2011. She is a huge loving blessing.
cat adoption alum Rex Rex Adopted: May 2011 and is Lyla's best friend.
cat adoption alum Mozzie Mozzie Adopted: 2012 and he rules the house.

cat adoption alums Punkin and Cassie Punkin and Cassie Adopted: 2001 and 2010
cat adoption alum Meepee Meepee Adopted: 2011. She loves to steal stuffed animals and drag them around the house.
cat adoption alum RustyPhoto Rusty Adopted: June 2007. Rusty's a traveling cat; in the safety of a motor home, he's crossed the USA 8 times.

cat adoption alum Saxon Saxon Toothless Barth XIV Adopted: 2011 and has been a wonderful friend
cat adoption alum Shadow Shadow Adopted: January 2009 and has been a wonderful addition
cat adoption alums Sherby and Lily
Lily and Sherby Adopted June 2010 and November 2010. They play like they were siblings!

cat adoption alum Tnor Tnor, the Hill and Valley King Adopted: December 2011. He's a loveable, friendly fluff ball.
cat adoption alum Wally Wally Adopted: July 2012. He's very affectionate and playful
cat adoption alum Irving Irving Adopted: December 2012. He's very active and has the loudest purr.

cat adoption alum Chomper Hubert (fka Chomper) Adopted: March 2013, was CAT's 30,000th adoption
cat adoption alum Curry Curry Adopted: March 2013 as a senior kitty
cat adoption alum Elsa
Elsa Adopted in 2011

cat adoption alum Emma Rose Emma Rose Adopted in 2007
cat adoption alum Mudiwa Mudiwa Adopted in 2009
cat adoptoin alum Ruby Ruby Adopted in 2012

cat adoption alum Sue Bee
Sue Bee Adopted: April 2012 and became instant best friends with her new human "sister"
cat adoption alum YoYo YoYo Adopted: November 2007 and is quite the chatterbox and cuddler
cat adoption alum smudge Smudge Adopted: October 2008 - she is quite the clown who makes everyone laugh

cat adoption alum Birdie Birdie Adopted: January 2012 and is the perfect feline companion
cat adoption alums sunny and smokey Sunny & Smokey Adopted: October 2009 (brothers)
cat adoption alum HP
HP Adopted: 2012

cat adoption alum Lestat Lestat Adopted 2009
cat adoption alum Pinky Gladys Gutzman Pinky Gladys Gutzman Adopted: 1998 as a kitten
cat adoption alums joey and rio Joey and Rio Adopted: 2009 - both are two wonderful for words!

cat adoption alum Powell Powell Adopted: May 2011 - he loves walking on his leash
cat adoption alum spencer Spencer Very lovable
cat adoption alum biscuit Biscuit Adopted: April 2013 - he's such a lover and "kneads" all the time

cat adoption alum Indi and Simon
Indi and Simon Adopted: February 2008 and 2010 - the best boys ever
cat adoption alum Kala Kala The purr-fect match for her family
cat adoption alum riley Riley Adopted: December 2012 - lovable and playful; Tank's pal

cat adoption alum Tank Tank Adopted: December 2012 - loves chasing Riley around the house
cat adoption alum calypso Calypso Adopted: July 2012 - she loves to watch the birds from the window
cat adoption alum chester Chester A sweet and funny boy

cat adoption alum mowgli Mowgli Adopted: September 2012 - the most beautiful boy
cat adoption alum Conscience Conscience Adopted: September 2012 - a much loved senior kitty
cat adoption alums Kiko and Pele Pele and Kiko Adopted: April 2011 - a sister and brother with lively personalities

cat adoption alum Little Bit Little Big Adopted: September 2007 - she's the queen of the household
cat adoption alum Duncan Duncan Adopted: April 2013 - a great addition to the family
cat adoption alum Jetty Jetty Adopted: October 2011 - He's a joyful blessing

cat adoption alum Amos Amos Adopted: 2009
cat adoption alum Apollo Apollo Adopted: 2009
cat adoption alum bandit and hobbes Bandit and Hobbes They are best buds

cat adoption alum Beau Beau Adopted: 2012
cat adoption alum Caston Caston Adopted: December 2011 from PetSmart Adoption Center
cat adoption alum chive Chive Adopted: January 2013 - he's very happy

cat adoption alum Dill
Dill Adopted: May 2012 - his favorite places in - the bed
cat adoption alum Fearghas Fearghas Adopted: 2001 and much loved
cat adoption alum Gumbo Gumbo Adopted: 2008 - cherished member the family

cat adoption alum Hershey Hershey Adopted: May 2010
cat adoption alum Jasper blue Jasper Blue As cute as can be
cat adoption alum Leah Leah Her owners say she has a quite a vocabulary!!

cat adoption alum Libby Libby Adopted: 2005 - she loves the sunshine
cat adoption  alums Luna and Igor
Igor and Luna Adopted: September 2010
cat adoption alum Mannie Mannie Adopted: November 2003

cat adoption alum Morgan Morgan Adopted: November 2003
cat adoption alum Nell
Nell Adopted: 2011
cat adoption alum Neville Neville Adopted: December 2011

cat adoption alum Ozzy Ozzy Adopted: December 2012 - he likes watching the hummingbirds
cat adoption alum Paolo Paolo Adopted: May 2005 - a cuddly lovebug
cat adoption alum pasqualie Pasqualie Adopted: 2003

cat adoption alum rocket Rocket Adopted: January 2010 - a sweet boy who loves playing fetch
cat adoption alum sorcey Sorcey Adopted: July 2012
cat adoption alum Tinkerbell Tinkerbell Adopted: February 2011 - 10 years old now and amazingly sweet and happy

cat adoption alum Zeke Zeke Adopted: 2009 and "best part of our lives"
cat adoption alum Zeus Zeus Adopted: 2007
cat adoption alum bridger Bridger Doing well in his forever home

cat adoption alum daxter Daxter Adopted: November 2012 and looking quite dapper
cat adoption alum lulu Lulu A wonderful cat!
cat adoption alum Pirate Pirate Adopted: September 2011

cat adoption alum Sinead Sinead Adopted: 2012 - a very happy girl
cat adoption alum Alice Alice Adopted: 2011 - she loves to travel
cat adoption alum Diamond Diamond Loves to attack t-shirts!

cat adoption alum Duncan Duncan Adopted: 2012 and is a big lover
cat adoption alum Fiona and Ringo Fiona and Ringo Best friends
cat adoption alum gussy and chester Gussie and Chester Adopted: May 2012

cat adoption alum hobbes Hobbes Such a fun kitty
cat adoption alum Leo Leonardo DiCattio Adopted: 2013 and is the "star" of the family
cat adoption alum mantane Mantane Adopted: 2013

cat adoption alum Mitz
Mitz Adopted: 2008 - shy but very loving (has many toes!)
cat adoption alum Peek Peek A very affectionate gal who loves to climb
cat adotion alum seesaw SeeSaw Adopted 2012: was a staff favorite!

cat adoption alum simon Simon Adopted: 2012 - a comedian, very intelligent, and extremely loving
cat adoption alum Vinny Vinny Adopted: October 2010 (and is a Laker's fan!)
cat adoption alum Frankie Frankie Adopted: August 2011 and is loved "this much" and more!

cat adoption alums clementine and ewan Clementine and Ewan Adopted: 2010 and 2012 - active, smart cats who love to play
cat adopton alum Henry Henry Adopted: August 2010 - very spoiled and very loved
cat adoption alum Lady Patch Lady Patch Adopted 2012: very loved

cat adoption alum Lopez Lopez Adopted: 2004 - the mellowest and most loyal cat ever
cat adoption alum Rebel and Bubba Rebel and Bubba Adopted: 2001 and were very, very loved
cat adoption alum Suki Suki Adopted: 2011 at the young age of 15 years old

cat adoption alum alys
Alys Adopted: June 2013
cat adoption alum Cookie Cookie Adopted: 2003
cat adoption alum Ginger Ginger Adopted: 2005

cat adoption alum Jack Jack Adopted: 2006
cat adoption alum Jasper Jasper Adopted: 2007
cat adoption alum Lapcat LapCat Adopted: December 2012 - a little love bug

cat adoption alum mitsy Mitsy Adopted: July 2012 - a lovingly spoiled kitty
cat adoption alum Princess Leela Princess Leela Adopted: 1999
cat adoption alum scarlett Scarlett Adopted: October 2012 - wonderful addition to the family

cat adoption alum ronette Ronette (now Bella) Adopted: June 2013 - one comfortable cat
cat adoption alum Greebo Greebo Adopted: Dec. 2012 - sweet & cuddly
cat adoption alum luke Luke Adopted: December 2011 - gets along great with his "sister" Alys

cat adoption alum jedi and leia
Jedi & Leia Adopted: July 2005 - hanging out with rescued buddy Gus
cat adoption alum vasil
Vasil Adopted: July 2012 - loveable & cuddly like brother Mandrake
cat adoption alum mandrake
Mandrake Adopted: March 2013 - loveable & cuddly like brother Vasil

cat adoption alum raven
Raven Adopted: April 2010 - very much loved
cat adoption alum biscuit
Biscuit Adopted: March 2013 - he is hilarious
cat adoption alum siam
Siam Adopted: Feb. 2012 - no asthma attacks since adoption

cat adoption alum mowgli
Mowgli Adopted: Sept. 2011 - always willing to help out

Cat & kitten adoption list


This page may take a moment to load.  Please read CAT’s adoption policies.

Please note: CAT only adopts cats and kittens to indoor-only homes (pdf)

Kittens for adoption from foster. Check out our current foster Kitten List (pdf)

You can also see CAT’s adoptable felines on

CAT feeds Purina ONE



Adoption policies

To ensure happy, successful life-long adoptions for cats and adopters alike, CAT adopts according to the policies below.

Indoor-Only: Because cats live much longer, safer lives indoors, CAT adopts to indoor-only homes.

In rare cases (typically when cats have persistent behavioral problems, such as inappropriate elimination, for which CAT veterinary staff have found no physical cause), cats may be approved to go to an indoor/outdoor home. Those adopting cats designated for possible indoor/outdoor homes go through CAT’s normal adoption process and sign a contract specific to indoor/outdoor situations.

Declawing: CAT asks adopters not to declaw adopted cats. Your adoption counselor can provide information about the detriments of declawing, humane alternatives, and how to train a cat to use a scratching post.

For adopters looking for declawed cats, there are almost always previously declawed cats at CAT awaiting adoption.

Kittens: Kittens must be 8-10 weeks old before they are available for adoption. This ensures that kittens receive a strong, healthy start in life and minimizes behavior problems because they are fully weaned and litter box trained. All kittens are spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

Kittens under six weeks of age are listed on CAT’s foster care list but are not available for viewing.

FIV+ Cats: CAT has a small number of FIV+ cats available for adoption. These cats can live relatively long and healthy lives in an indoor, stress-free environment. Because there is a risk of FIV transmission to other cats, FIV-positive cats must be adopted as only cats or share homes with cats who are also FIV-positive. (FIV is contagious only between cats; humans, dogs, and other pets cannot contract the disease.)

Renting with Cats: Since we want to make lifelong placements for our cats, we ask that adopters make sure their landlord allows cats and to pay any pet deposits in advance of adopting.

Cats as Gifts: CAT has gift certificates available for those wishing to give a gift adoption. Please note that adopters (the adult or adults with whom the cat will live) must meet with a cat or kitten prior to adoption; choosing a cat is a very personal decision and plays an important role in making a lifelong commitment to a new family member.

Shipping of Cats: We ask adopters to meet with and get to know the cats or kittens prior to adoption. Therefore, we do not ship cats or kittens.

Adoption of Black Cats around Halloween: For the several years, the Cat Adoption Team has not put a halt to the adoption of black cats on Halloween. CAT’s adoption counselors are just as vigilant and informative with potential adopters, as they always are, up to and through Halloween. Black or mostly black cats make up the majority of felines available for adoption at the shelter so it doesn’t make sense to exclude the shelter’s largest population from a chance at a home. There has been no evidence that black cats adopted from shelters are used for mischief in the Portland area over Halloween. From the Oregon Humane Society web site: “Up to and through Halloween, the Oregon Humane Society will be adopting out black cats, black dogs, and even black rats (along with all the other color mixes pets). OHS Humane Investigators assure us that there are no problems for black cats during this time of year and OHS’s adoption procedures and policies are in place to make sure all animals go to loving families.” CAT joins with other animal shelters in the Portland area and across the country by offering an opportunity for folks to fall in love with black cats any time of the year, including Halloween.

Adoption fees

  • Kitten* (under 7 months): $125
  • Teenage Cat (7 - 12 months): $100
  • Adult Cat: $85
  • Senior Cat (over 8 years): $60
  • Special Needs Cat: $60
  • FIV Cat: $60

Regular adoption discounts offered:

  • Bonded pair discount: $50 off total adoption fee
  • Adopt two cats/kittens and receive $20 off total adoption fee
  • Senior adopters age 62 and above receive 20% off regular adoption fee for any adult cat (1 year and older)

*Kittens on our Foster Kitten list who are 6 weeks and older can be “pre-adopted” and go home after he/she is spayed/neutered.

Your adoption fee includes:

  • Spay/Neuter surgery
  • Testing for FeLV and FIV
  • Microchip and registration fee
  • FVRCP vaccination
  • Rabies vaccination for cats/kittens over 12 weeks old
  • Treatment for parasites (fleas, worms)
  • Sample of cat/kitten food
  • Cat/Kitten Care Booklet
  • Information and questions answered
  • Coupons to save you money right away- $10 off $50 worth of supplies you purchase in CAT’s Boutique on your adoption day and another $5 off your next purchase of $30 or more; 10% off vaccinations


How to adopt

Because adopting a cat or kitten, or any other pet, is a serious family decision, CAT has a team of adoption counselors trained to assist you with finding the perfect lifetime companion. They will help you get to know your prospective new feline friend, answer questions, and provide information about cat behavior and care.

To adopt a cat or kitten:

  • Meet the cats
  • Allow 1-2 hours for your visit
  • Complete adoption application and contract
  • Meet with an adoption counselor
  • Children under 16 accompanied by adult
  • Landlord approval requested for renters; please check your lease or renter’s policies prior to coming to CAT
  • CAT insists on indoor-only homes
  • Must be 18 years or older and provide proof of residence
  • CAT reserves the right to refuse an adoption

Click here for shelter location and hours. If you plan on adopting a cat the same day, please plan to visit the shelter 1-2 hours prior to closing. You can always put a 24-hour hold on a cat if you would like to bring back the rest of your family, or need a little extra time to think about your decision.

Where to find cats

CAT’s Main Shelter in Sherwood

Cat Adoption Team, 14175 SW Galbreath Dr., Sherwood, OR 97140 map

Portland-Area Offsite Adoption Locations

Cats are onsite seven days a week at the following offsite locations.

Portland-area PetSmart stores: Adoption hours Saturday and Sunday, Noon - 4 pm or by appointment. Adoptions are completed at CAT’s Sherwood shelter on weekdays.

Pet Loft: Adoption hours anytime during regular store hours
6333 SW Macadam Ave., Portland, OR 97239

Tualatin Petco: Adoption hours Saturday and Sunday, Noon - 4 pm or by appointment. Adoptions are completed at CAT’s Sherwood shelter on weekdays.
8775 SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd, Tualatin, OR 97062