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Numbers behind the lives saved


CAT measures success in the purrs of the cats in our care.

We also measure success through improvements in our work for the cats and the number of lives saved in our community.

That is what CAT’s statistics (or “CATistics” as they’ve been called) show. The numbers behind the furry faces we all love.


To see how many cats found homes, how many kittens were fostered, how many felines were treated in the hospital, how many cat owners received assistance, and how many volunteers helped us save lies in 2012, check our 2012 online annual report. You can also see statistics per year (click on the yearly links on the left of this web page.)

CAT’s library contains our current annual report.

Asilomar Reporting

We use the nationally recognized shelter statistic gathering and reporting methods as set forth in the Asilomar Accords. You can review our detailed annual statistics by clicking on the links to the left.  (You might find it helpful to check out these definitions of Asilomar terminology.)The collection and publication of this data is sponsored by Maddie’s Fund

CAT collects shelter statistics as a member of the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland, or ASAP. You can find statistics from all ASAP partner shelter and for the coalition as a whole here.

Each adoption, donation, and engagement with you and other cat lovers brings us closer to fulfilling our mission to work with the community to save the lives of unwanted, homeless, sick, and injured cats and kittens by offering shelter, adoption, foster, low-cost spay/neuter, and veterinary services to end needless feline euthanasia.

If you have any questions about the numbers you see, please contact us.