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1. Adoption Options 2016
2. PetSmart Nat’l Adoption Weekend
3. CAT at Crafty Wonderland
5. CAT at Alberta Street Fair
6. Kitten Baby Shower Wish List

“Kitten Season” is coming and much like a mother-to-be, CAT is in need of supplies to care for the many kittens who will come into the shelter during this busy time of year. With your support, the foster program cares for close to 1,000 mama cats and kittens each year—and the summer months are especially busy. You can give these kittens get a great start to life!

The following items are some of our highest need supplies. Your gift is deeply appreciated!

  • A/D Pres​cript​ion Cann​ed Cat Food - requires veterinary clinic wholesale purchase or veterinary prescription
  • Royal Canin Mother & Babycat Dry Cat Food
  • KMR Milk Replacement Powder (12 oz)
  • Vet Solutions Pro-Biolac Milk Replacement For Kittens (50 gm)
  • Chicken or Turkey Baby Food (cannot contain onion)
  • Feral Cat Dens
  • Flea combs with metal teeth
  • Flea treatment, Advantage or Frontline brand
  • Handfeeding Syringe (20cc or 10cc)
  • Miracle Nipple (mini and original)
  • Medical-grade Lister Scissor
  • Hemostats (curved or straight)
  • Donate to CAT online now—your gift supports all our programs and services for cats, kittens, and people!
  • View the full Wish List on

Event Details

Kitten Baby Shower: It’s Raining Kittens

Who: Open to cat lovers of all ages! No RSVP needed
What: Enjoy games and refreshments with CAT staff, volunteers, and other guests
When: Saturday, April 30, 2016 from 1 pm - 2:30 pm
Where: Cat Adoption Team, 14175 SW Galbreath Dr, Sherwood, OR 97140
Why: Your contribution provides much-needed supplies to the kitten foster program
How much: Free to attend; suggested donation of cash or supplies
Can’t Attend? From April 1 to April 30, you can drop off supplies at CAT"s Sherwood shelter, the CAT Thrift Store, and Purringtons Cat Lounge during open hours.


7. Kitten Baby Shower
8. NW Pet Fair
9. Re-homing advice

Finding a new home for your cat

Here are some tips to re-homing your cat without going through a shelter:

  • Word of mouth. Ask friends and relatives if they know anyone interested in adopting a cat or if they are looking for a kitty themselves.
  • Social media. Post information and photos on your social media pages to let your friends know about your cat; encourage them to share your post with others.
  • Great marketing. Create a compelling flyer with photos of your cat. Show and describe your cat’s great personality traits, as well as any challenges he/she may have. Post this flyer on trusted community boards and at pet supply stores or veterinary offices.
  • Use advertising. Place an ad for your cat through a local newspaper, on pet-friendly message boards, and on other online pet adoption forums and pet classified sites. Be smart when you place your ad: request a vet reference, charge a small re-homing fee, and meet potential adopters in person.
  • Ask for an adoption fee.. Asking a fee will not deter goo families from inquiring about your cat, and it may stop unscrupulous individuals from responding to your ad. Don’t be shy about asking question when you meet potential adopters. You want to make sure your cat goes to a great home. Ask about children, other pets in the home, whether they have ever had a cat before, are they prepared for your cat’s medical needs. Consider your cat’s best interests—you may ask potential adopters if they will allow you to visit their home prior to placing your cat with them. You should also require a valid form of ID and record the driver’s license number for your records.
  • See your vet. Make your cat desirable to adopters by getting a current cat health exam. Other vet care that can help your cat find a new home includes spay/neuter, getting your cat current on vaccinations, have your cat tested for FeLV and FIV; groom your cat and trim your cat’s nails; only adopt out kittens once they are full weaned and at least 10 weeks old. A cat who is already spayed/neutered and vaccinated has a greater chance to find a new home!

Surrendering to a shelter

It’s important to note that many municipal and county shelters are only able to assist with lost and found animals. Many animal organizations, including CAT, may have a waiting list or appointment-only process for bringing cats into the shelter and cannot accept walk-ins.

Do not abandon your cat at any shelter or veterinary clinic. Animal abandonment is a misdemeanor offense in Oregon. Shelters can fine and prosecute those who leave animals at their doorstep.


10. CAT at Portland Womens Expo
11. Year in Review: 2015


  • 2,894 total cat/kitten adoptions
  • 55% of adoptions were kittens (< 1 year old)
  • 45% of adoptions were adult cats (age 1 year and above)
  • 37,208 total adoptions since founding in 1998 (through December 31, 2015)

Intake/Nine Lives Transfer Program:

  • 2,903 cats/kittens from other shelters and the public
  • 22% of these felines were transferred into CAT from public shelters in Multnomah and Washington counties
  • 56% of cats and kittens came from shelters and rescue groups other than Multnomah/Washington counties
  • 22% of incoming felines came from local individuals and veterinary clinics

Foster Program:

  • 24 adult cats received foster care (special needs: medical or behavioral)
  • 748 kittens and 37 mama cats were fostered
  • 90 volunteers opened their homes to foster

Spay/Neuter Clinic:

  • 2,688 total surgeries
  • 40% were CAT cats and kittens preparing for adoption
  • 38% were low-cost/subsidized Spay & Save surgeries
  • 22% were low-cost surgeries through the use of the Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund coupon


  • 417 active volunteers (including 90 fosters) assisting with all aspects of CAT’s operations
  • Close to 40,000 hours of service donated—the equivalent of 19 full-time employees!

Offsite Adoption Centers:

  • 5 offsite adoption centers, staffed and run by volunteers
  • Purringtons Cat Lounge, managed by Purringtons owners and staff—more than 100 adoptions in their first year!
  • Offsite adoption space at the Thrift Store Benefitting the Cat Adoption Team, run by CAT staff
  • 2 veterinary clinics house CAT cats for adoption, managed by clinic staff

Cat Food Bank:

  • Approximately 3,500 lbs. of dry cat food and 7,500 cans of cat food donated
  • Close to 30 senior and otherwise homebound individuals received monthly delivery of food for their cats
  • Nearly 50 pet cats fed each month through this program

Donation Programs and Fundraising Events:

  • 152 Meow Team members made monthly donations
  • 535 donors raised $57,994 for CAT through the Willamette Week Give!Guide
  • 272 supporters attended the Whisker Wonderland fundraising auction and gala, which raised just over $100,000

CAT’s Asilomar Statistics for 2015

12. Adoption Event at Petco
13. PetSmart Nat’l Adoption Weekend
14. A Spay Odyssey: FREE Spay/Neuter Day
15. “The One” Adoption Event
16. Cat who has lived in shelters for five years—still waiting for a family of her own

**UPDATE 1/11/2015**

After years living in animal shelters, tabby cat Lacey was adopted on January 10, 2016!

Every year, thousands of cats and kittens are adopted from animal shelters in the Pacific Northwest. Yet sometimes a cat has a harder time than usual meeting the right family and going into a new home. Such is the case for Lacey, a six-year-old female tabby cat who has spent most of her life in animal shelters.

LaceyNo one knows if Lacey has ever had a family. In May 2010, she was found at a landfill and taken to the Florence Area Humane Society (FAHS). At that time, FAHS staff determined that Lacey was about 1 year old, covered in fleas, full of ear mites, and pregnant. She had no collar, tag, or microchip, so the shelter took her in as a stray.

In FAHS’ care, Lacey received treatment for parasites and had her litter of kittens. After the kittens were all adopted, Lacey was spayed and became available for adoption herself.  Though she is friendly and curious, she was repeatedly overlooked—for four years. When FAHS had an opportunity to transfer Lacey to another shelter—the Cat Adoption Team (CAT)—they took it with the hopes that the change would be just what Lacey needed to find a new home.

Almost 4 years to the day after entering FASH, Lacey moved to CAT. Like her friends at FAHS, the staff and volunteers at CAT have rallied to help Lacey find a loving home. She’s been introduced to many potential adopters, but she just can’t seem to meet the right match. And no one quite knows why.

Lacey is sweet, inquisitive, and friendly. She is low-key but enjoys a good play session with one of her favorite feather toys. She’s been known to settle in for a good brushing or petting session. CAT’s volunteers and staff have taken a shine to Lacey, who gets frequent cuddle visits. She enjoys attention and being around people, but the stress of life in a shelter has taken a toll. Lacey can become overstimulated quickly and has had some stress-related health issues. CAT has done everything possible to make her comfortable, but what Lacey really needs is a home of her own. 
Recently, Lacey moved into one of CAT’s foster homes. Her health and overall comfort have greatly improved there. Dan Oberst, who is fostering Lacey and is one of her biggest advocates, says, “She’s a super dedicated cat—once she’s decided you’re ‘her’ person, she’s very chatty, affectionate, and becomes attached.” He shares that she would likely be most comfortable as an only cat in a quiet, stable home.

Though the foster home has been a good change for Lacey, a permanent home is CAT’s ultimate wish for her.

“We will continue to do everything we can to make Lacey comfortable and happy, but I truly hope 2015 was the last year that Lacey had to spend in shelter care,” says Karen Green, CAT’s executive director. “She’s been waiting five years, and no shelter can compare to a loving family and a home of her own.”


LaceyBrittany Chandler saw a post about Lacey in her Facebook feed, and hoped she would be able to give Lacey a home. She met Lacey on Sunday, Jan. 10, fell in love, completed the adoption process, and took Lacey home the same day. Brittany told the Portland Tribune that Lacey is doing very well in her new home. She said Lacey is “so sweet” and shared that “she head-butts me and nestles up to me.”

Everyone at CAT is thrilled that Lacey now has a loving, permanent home. A few other longtime residents at CAT are still in need of a homes, including Allegory, a loving companion who has been adopted and returned to the shelter more than once. Allegory has a similar personality to Lacey, and is looking for her own, special one-cat family.

If you or someone you know would like to add a new cat to your family, check out the cats available for adoption right now.

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23. Man rescues kitten while driving home from cat shelter event

**A Sad Update**
Nugget was scheduled to come into the hospital tomorrow morning, and has been staying safely with Alfredo and Justina until then. I’m very sorry to share that this sweet little kitten has passed away. We may not know his whole story, but we know he found love and kindness during his last days. We are incredibly grateful to Alfredo and Justina for caring for this little guy and doing all they could for him.

They shared: “Unfortunately Nugget passed away this evening. He went quietly in his sleep. Nugget had just recently eaten, slept in a comfy bed and spent his last two days inside a warm house, away from the cold and rain.He is buried by our pear tree, next to our house so he can still be with us. We want to thank you for all you do.”

Our gratitude and sympathy go out to Alfredo and Justina, who made sure that this lost little kitten knew love.

An injured 10-week-old kitten was in the right place at the right time on Saturday night when he was spotted running alongside the road.

Alfredo Chiquito was driving on Highway 26 near Sandy when he caught a glimpse of orange fluff trying to cross the road and decided to stop and help.

Chiquito, who works as an audio/video technician, had spent the day working for the Cat Adoption Team (CAT) at the local shelter’s annual Whisker Wonderland fundraising event. Afterwards, he met up with his girlfriend, Justina Price, who was with him as he drove home from the event.


“We pulled over and noticed [the kitten] was hurt—running slower and sideways,” Chiquito says. “We couldn’t leave him out in the rain and so close to the highway.”

Chiquito said he followed the kitten’s meows while Price parked the car. He found the kitten in a nearby cemetery, hiding inside a gravestone with a small break in it.

“We used a t-shirt to safely grab him and pull him out. He did try to escape, but as soon as he was bundled up, he knew that we were trying to help him.”

The couple took the kitten, who they started calling Nugget, to a veterinary clinic where it was discovered that he has a fracture in his left rear leg. They also checked the kitten for a microchip, but did not find one. The couple reached out to their county shelter about what to do next. They discovered that there’s no shelter in Clackamas County responsible for taking in stray cats, and were referred to private shelters for help.

“They listed Cat Adoption Team as the place to contact, and I thought ‘Perfect! I just met a few people from there today, they’ll know how to help!’” said Chiquito.

He contacted CAT, and the shelter offered to take in the kitten.

Nugget will be treated at CAT’s on-site veterinary clinic. Since he is not microchipped and was found without other ID, he’ll be available for adoption once his leg is healed.

“It’s pretty amazing that we met Alfredo for the first time on Saturday, and then he met Nugget later that night,” said Heather Svoboda, CAT’s communications and development manager. “Working with others to save lives is exactly what we were celebrating at our Whisker Wonderland event!”

Nugget will be available for adoption through CAT following treatment. Anyone interested in adopting Nugget will be able to meet him at that time. All adoptions are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

CAT is located at 14175 S.W. Galbreath Drive in Sherwood, Ore., and is open Tuesday-Friday from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday/Sunday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. For information about CAT’s adoption policies and fees, visit

24. Black Friday Weekend Special
25. Community Art Project at Lane Gallery
26. Fall in Love

Dee Dee

This October, Fall in Love with a new best friend! It’s always a great time to add a new feline to your family. But adopting right now means your new cat or kitten will be ready to enjoy the holidays with you this winter. Some of our staff favorites have special adoption fees as part of the Fall in Love adoption event. Don’t miss your chance to meet one of these sweeties and add them to your family today!

Fall in Love with ....

Adoption fees for these specially marked adults are $0 through October 31
Jeremy - I’m adopted!
Joe - I’m adopted!
Madrone - I’m adopted!
Nicole - I’m adopted!
Persephone - I’m adopted!
Pewter - I’m adopted!
Wilbur - I’m adopted!

Adoption fees for these special kittens are 50% off through October 31
Dee Dee - I’m adopted!
Gouda - I’m adopted!
Johnny - I’m adopted!
Lamar - I’m Adopted!

“Fall in Love” is part of a national adoption event from Best Friends Animal Society in collaboration with their network partners, including the Cat Adoption Team.

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