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2. Photos with Santa
3. Holiday Marketplace
4. Jolly St. Snip: FREE Spay Day
5. CFA Cat Show
6. Home for the Pawlidayz: Nov 25-28, 2016

What better way to kick off the holiday season than to save a feline life?

Beginning on Black Friday (November 25) and continuing through Cyber Monday (November 28), adoption fees will be covered for pets at Best Friends’ participating network and coalition partners across the country, including the Cat Adoption Team!

What: Home for the Pawlidayz Adoption Event

  • FREE adoptions for all cats and kittens at our Sherwood shelter and Thrift Store locations
  • FREE adoptions for all cats and kittens at our offside adoption locations

When: November 25-28, 2016 // CAT’s main shelter will be open regular hours, plus 12 p.m. - 3 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 28. Doors open at noon; adoptions end 30 minutes prior to closing. Adoption hours at offsite adoption centers vary by location.

Where: See CAT’s participating adoption locations here. Note: adoption special pricing does not apply to kittens in foster care

All cats and kittens will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before going home. Our trained adoption counselors will walk you through the process of meeting cats to help you find a good match and set you up for a successful adoption experience. While special one-time funding is covering adoption fees during this event, donations of any amount give homeless cats and kittens their chance to find loving homes during the rest of the year.

Due to expected crowds, please plan to give yourself plenty of time for waiting in line, as well as time to meet, select, and adopt a furry new friend. Adoptions are first-come, first-serve, and there are no holds the day before or during the event.

Home for the Pawlidayz


7. Home for the Pawlidayz
8. Give!Guide 2016

Give!Guide 2016

Join CAT’s Give!Guide campaign to help raise $55,000 for cats and kittens! Your donation supports programs and services that save cats’ lives. Thank you!

Make a Give!Guide donation now »

9. PetSmart Nat’l Adoption Weekend
10. Whisker Wonderland 2016
11. CAT Closed
12. Purr-fect-ly Howl-a-Ween Concert
13. Portland Pet Expo
14. Cats Displaced by Louisiana Floods Fly to Oregon for Adoption

The Cat Adoption Team (CAT), in collaboration with Best Friends Animal Society, will bring 18 cats displaced by the devastating Louisiana floods to their shelter in Portland, Ore.

The cats are traveling on Alaskan Airlines, which frequently assists with animal transports throughout the United States and is familiar with feline travelers’ specific needs.

The first flight of eight adult cats arrived on Monday, September 12. A second flight of 10 cats is scheduled for Thursday, September 22. The cats come from two shelters in New Orleans that are working to assist animals and people who have been devastated by the recent flooding.

SableThrough this collaborative effort, CAT is taking in cats who were already in the shelters prior to the flooding or whose owners have relinquished them in the time since. This will free up space and resources at the Louisiana shelters for cats who are lost or stray due to the floods and whose families may still be looking for them.

“The Cat Adoption Team works every day to take in cats and kittens from local shelters and rescue groups in our area,” said Karen Green, CAT’s executive director. “Animal shelters in Louisiana have been through so much with the recent flooding. We are grateful to be able to do a small part to help by bringing some of their cats here for adoption.”

Once the cats arrive in Portland, they are going to the Cat Adoption Team’s main location in Sherwood, Ore. CAT’s medical team and shelter staff will provide each new arrival with a full physical exam and health evaluation.

In addition to the health exam, the cats will go through CAT’s regular intake process, which includes vaccinations, treatment for parasites, microchipping, and spay or neuter surgery. The hope is to release the first group of cats for adoption later this week, with the second group becoming available for adoption a few days after their arrival.

“When we heard that Louisiana shelters needed support, we immediately wanted to help,” said Kristi Brooks, director of operations at CAT. “It’s great to be able to organize this transport and help cats affected by the flooding.”

If you are not able to adopt a cat at this time, please consider making a contribution to help defray the cost of this rescue effort and to provide care for all of the homeless cats and kittens at CAT. Donations to the Cat Adoption Team not only support this specific transport, but also help make it possible for the organization to save and place close to 3,000 cats and kittens each year. Donate online now or send your donation by mail to: Cat Adoption Team, 14175 SW Galbreath Dr, Sherwood, OR 97140.

15. Petco Adoption Event
16. Bridgetown Invitational Bowling Tournament
17. Portland Cat Returns Home After Being Lost for 30 Days

Lily the cat went missing on the first day at her new home

Not much is scarier for a pet owner than the realization that a beloved pet is missing. But what happens when a new pet gets lost before even having the chance to become part of the family? One Portland couple experienced this nightmare when their newly adopted cat got loose and went missing before she even made it through the door of their home.
Lily in shelterSteve and Cynthia Kostove met and fell in love with Lily, a 3-year-old Persian mix cat, on June 25. They adopted her from the Cat Adoption Team (CAT) in Sherwood, Ore., that same day, and the couple was excited to take her home.

The Kostoves were planning a nice night getting to know their new cat. They couldn’t have imagined what happened instead.

While Lily was being moved from the car to their house, the latch on her carrier door came loose. Anxious from the car ride, Lily jumped out of the carrier and ran off into the neighborhood.

After spending some time searching for Lily, Cynthia called CAT for advice. Having only had Lily for a few hours, the couple didn’t even have a photo of her to create “lost pet” posters. The shelter staff helped to ensure that Lily’s microchip information was up-to-date with Steve and Cynthia’s information. They also shared additional tips—such as contacting local animal control agencies, posting lost cat ads online, and putting out tasty food in a humane trap in the hopes that Lily would be found.

Using a photo of Lily that a shelter staff member had taken, the Kostoves put up flyers in their neighborhood. “We’re very lucky to live in a neighborhood of animal lovers who were all very supportive while Lily was lost,” said Cynthia. Despite these efforts, nearly a month went by with no sign of the missing cat.

Then, at around 10:30 p.m. on July 23, a Facebook post went up that read: “This cat is wondering around my neighborhood. Very sweet. Clearly belongs to someone. Female, white and orange Persian. Very petite. Hungry and thirsty! She is spending the night with me because even though I know she must have a home I cannot bear to leave her outside. Neighbor saw her yesterday and asked if she was ours. Will get her scanned for a [micro]chip tomorrow.”

Lily Facebook PostThe cat in the photos that accompanied the post looked familiar to a few people. Several CAT staff members messaged the author, Dawn Rossiter, a former CAT employee and current volunteer, to tell her it might be Lily. In the meantime, Dawn saw a lost pet report on the Multnomah County Animal Services website that matched the cat she had found—this was definitely Lily!

Using the contact information from the lost pet report, Dawn reached out to the Kostoves. The couple was shocked, surprised, and grateful.

“Dawn deserves major thanks since she was the one who found Lily and got in touch with us,” said Cynthia. “Lily’s homecoming is like a miracle that I never thought would happen.”

Lily is one of the lucky ones. Each year, thousands of pets go missing across the country. Sadly, only a small percent ever get back home. However, there are ways to help protect your pet from becoming a statistic.

Be Prepared If Your Pet Goes Missing

You can reduce panic and hopefully avoid heartache if you are prepared in the event that your pet becomes lost. Here are four things you can do right now to help protect your pet:

1. Microchip your pet. If you aren’t sure if your pet has been microchipped, take him/her to a local animal shelter or veterinary clinic for a quick microchip scan. If your pet isn’t microchipped, make an appointment to have this done. CAT offers microchipping for owned cats at the time of spay/neuter surgery, and most local veterinary clinics and other shelters offer microchipping options as well.

2. Update the contact information on your pet’s microchip. A microchip is only as good as the contact information listed with it. Connect with your microchip registry to ensure that your contact information is current. If you move or if you take your pet with you to a winter/summer home, be sure to update your contact information with the microchip registry.

3. Identify your pet with a collar and tag. A visible ID tag is your first defense. Without proper ID, someone may think your pet is a stray and take him/her in as their own without first checking to see if he/she has a current owner. An ID tag with your contact information provides a quick and easy way for a finder to reach out to you.

4. Take photo of your pet. In the event that your pet does go missing, a recent photo that shows your pet’s face and body will be useful for creating printed lost pet flyers and posting online lost pet reports.

CAT’s website offers additional advice for tracking down a lost/found pet. For more information, visit:


18. PetSmart Nat’l Adoption Weekend
19. Adoption Event at The Filling Station
20. Quake Up! with Disaster Preparedness for Pets
21. Cats R Cool 4 Back 2 School
22. Cat Shirt Friday Bonanza
23. Adoption Event at Tanasbourne PetSmart
24. Adoption Event at Clackamas PetSmart
25. Kitten Adoptions at The Filling Station
26. Be A Lifesaver Adoption Event at Petco
27. Plan a Fundraiser for CAT

Thank you for choosing to support the Cat Adoption Team! Your community fundraising activity—whether it’s an event, cause-related marketing (i.e. donating a portion of sales of item/services to CAT), Cat Food Bank drive, or a personal appeal—will make a big difference to cats and kittens!

While we welcome all ideas that help raise positive awareness of CAT, we want to ensure that all activities are lawful and align with CAT’s mission and values. There are some activities that will not be approved. For more information, please review our Community Fundraising Activities Packet and read through the Fundraiser FAQ below. Thanks again!

Fundraiser FAQ

Q. Who can host a fundraiser to benefit the Cat Adoption Team (CAT)?
A. Anyone! Any individual or group (employees of a corporation, school/university organization, religious group, etc.) can host a fundraiser as long as it is approved by the Communications and Development Manager or Volunteer Manager.

Q. How do I get approval to host an event?
A. Once you have decided the the type of fundraiser you would like to host and when you would like to host it, the first step towards getting approval from CAT is to complete, sign and return the Community Fundraising Activities Packet. We ask that you allow one week (at least 5 business days) for the office to approve your event. During busy times of year, it may take longer to review and approve your packet—we appreciate your patience and understanding!

Q. What kinds of events do people hold?
A. Individuals and groups hold all sorts of events and fundraisers from cat food drives to concerts to Tupperware sales, wine tastings, and more!

Q. Is there a minimum donation required to host a fundraiser?
A. There is no minimum amount required to host a fundraiser, but the amount of logistical support you can expect to receive CAT as well as the use of our trademarked logo in your publicity and advertising materials will depend on the proceeds you anticipate making to CAT.

Q. I want to publicize this event through media outlets in my community. Is that allowed?
A. Yes! CAT will provide specific wording about our mission and those we serve which you can use in your publicity materials. Whenever possible, CAT should have the opportunity to review and approve press materials (posters, invitations, email announcements, press releases, etc.) prior to print and distribution. This is so we can make sure that the terminology and images used accurately represent our organization’s mission and values.

Q. Can I solicit organizations, companies, stores, etc.  for donations, auction items, or sponsorships for my event?
A. We ask that you refrain from soliciting organizations/companies/stores without prior approval from CAT. This is due to the fact that our organization may have an existing relationship or request with an organization and we do not want to impede on these efforts.

Q. Will CAT send me materials or help me staff an event/fundraiser?
A. As wonderful as it would be to help staff and print materials for every community fundraiser, CAT’s limited fundraising resources and volunteers are typically reserved for activities run directly by our organization. Whenever feasible, we may be able to provide printed CAT brochures and/or donation box for your event/fundraiser. However, we ask that your fundraising team pick-up any materials (and return unused materials) from our Sherwood shelter location. If CAT is able to provide PDF files for posters or other CAT-specific marketing materials, you will be responsible for printing these items.

Q. Where does the money raised at my event go?
A. The proceeds from your event go directly toward our mission. Donations assist by providing supplies, staff, and other support that helps cats and kittens have better lives!

28. Kitten Palooza: June 25, 2016

Kitten Palooza is the kitten adoption event of the year!

On Saturday, June 25, the Cat Adoption Team (CAT) will open early at 10 a.m. for our annual Kitten Palooza adoption event. This special event will feature more than 100 kittens waiting to meet you! Plus, lots of great adult cats too.

Kitten Palooza is busy and fun, and you won’t want to miss this chance to find the kitty of your dreams! Be sure to get here early — all adoptions are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Last year we “sold out” of kittens with a record-breaking 101 adoptions in one day.

Kitten Palooza AdWhen: Saturday, June 25, 2016

Where: CAT’s Sherwood Shelter - 14175 SW Galbreath Dr - Sherwood, OR 97140 map »


  • Kittens & cats for adoption
  • Retail sales
  • Games and activities
  • Delicious food for purchase from Gamila Cafe food truck (10 am - 2 pm)
  • FREE ice cream from Umpqua Bank (11 am to 3 pm; while supplies last)
  • Vendor booths from our sponsors!

Beat the Heat:
With temperatures likely to be very warm, CAT wants to make sure you stay comfortable and have fun at Kitten Palooza. Here are some event details to help you plan:

  • We’ll have plenty of water to help you keep cool, and remember to lather on the sunscreen!
  • Please do not bring any pets with you to the event! Absolutely no animals are to be left unattended in cars or outdoors at the event. Guests with unattended pets will be asked to leave and take their animals home. Please note: No animals are allowed to accompany visitors into CAT’s shelter facility (exception for service animals only).
  • Plan to take your newly adopted feline friend directly home after your adoption. CAT’s on-site retail store has everything you need at great prices, and proceeds go directly back to the cats! If you do plan to shop elsewhere, please make your purchases before coming to the event or plan to drop your new kitty off at home before shopping for supplies.
  • If there is a drastic change of weather, activities like vendor booths, games, and food may end early

CAT’s shelter closes at 6 p.m., and adoptions end at 5:30 p.m. Because this is a special event, CAT does not offer “holds” the day before or during Kitten Palooza. Unaltered cats and kittens who are available for adoption will not be ready to go home same-day (they must be at least 8 weeks old and spayed/neutered in order to go home). Pre-adoptions will be available for these cats and kittens.

Before you attend, be sure to check out CAT’s adoption policies and fees

29. CAT at the Portland Rose Festival CityFair
30. Adoption Options 2016