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1. Cats with special needs get some extra attention

CAT is delighted to announce that we received a $2,500 grant from Lil BUB’s BIG Fund for the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®). The grant, made possible through a joint effort by the ASPCA® and Internet cat sensation Lil BUB, will be used to help special cats in need.

CAT is one of the few shelters in the Portland metro area that can provide the extra care required by cats with special on-going medical needs, including FIV, urinary disease, kidney disease, thyroid disease, food allergies, diabetes, and other age-related diseases.

“We work hard to be able to take in and find homes for as many cats as we can who have these types of health problems,” says CAT’s lead veterinarian Dr. Kimberly Dauphin, DVM.  “However, cost is a constant obstacle: not only do these cats require care that can often be quite expensive; it takes much longer to find them homes.”

Grant funds will help cover the cost of providing medical attention to senior and special needs cats. While this grant fund lasts, CAT also will offer fee-waived adoptions for cats who are age 8 years and older, FIV-positive, and/or require other special medical care.

CAT is committed to providing excellent care to every cat who comes through its doors. In 2002, CAT was the first animal shelter in the greater Portland metro area to build an on-site hospital. Today, CAT’s hospital provides veterinary care to approximately 2,500 cats and kittens who come through CAT each year for adoption. In addition, the hospital performs around 1,700 low-cost spay/neuter surgeries for cats in the community.

2. Whisker Wonderland 2014
3. Spring Adoption Event
4. Second Annual Kitten Baby Shower will support the foster program at CAT

Sure, it seems like the words “kitten season” are a match made in heaven, but the reality is that kitten season is a tough time of year for animal shelters. Kitten season brings with it a large shelter population spike, and vulnerable kittens require extra attention. These adorable little fuzzballs are a big drain on resources—requiring additional staff and volunteer time and attention, as well as specialized veterinary and foster care.
Orange Kitten

CAT is gearing up for another busy kitten season. Thanks to our wonderful volunteer foster families and the support of all our donors and volunteers, CAT’s Kitten Foster Program will save the lives of hundreds of kittens and mama cats again this year.

To help start the season off right, CAT invites you to join us for the second annual Kitten Baby Shower. Play shower games, enjoy delicious treats donated by Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery in Tualatin, and give a gift in support of CAT’s kitten foster program.

Here’s what you need to know:

When:  Saturday, April 12, 2014, 1 – 2:30 pm

Where:  Cat Adoption Team – 14175 SW Galbreath Dr., Sherwood, OR 97140

What:  Baby shower for the kittens in support of CAT’s Kitten Foster Program. To include:
  - Refreshments
  - Fun and games
  - Info about fostering
  - A chance to meet adoptable cats and maybe even some kittens!

Gifts:  Surprise the kittens with a gift from the Wish List

RSVP:  Not necessary, but you may RSVP on CAT’s Facebook event page

Kitten Baby Shower

Learn more about the foster program at

Special thanks to our Sweet Treats Sponsor:

Nothing Bundt Cakes logo

5. Spa Day at Tualatin Petco
6. CAT at Crafty Wonderland
7. Mega Adoption Event at Unleashed by Petco
8. Current job openings

Veterinary Assistant

CAT is looking for a part-time veterinary assistant to join our hospital team! We are a full-service clinic with a large OR and labwork/radiographic capabilities, and we pride ourselves on providing high-quality medicine and surgery.

Duties include providing medical treatment to cats in our care; creating and maintaining computerized medical records; assisting with high-volume surgeries and recovery; providing client education; cleaning of surgical instruments, equipment, and kennels; and other duties to help further our mission of adopting healthy, happy cats and kittens into new homes!

Applicants should be willing to work at least one weekend day. Previous shelter or veterinary experience is preferred but not required.  This is a fast-paced environment, so good time management skills are essential!

Please send a resume with cover letter to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). No phone calls, please.

Posted 3/31/14.


9. Petco Unleashed Adoption Event
10. Cat Adoption Team reduces adoption fees to empty the shelter for construction

Thanks in part to a generous $13,000 grant from The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA®), the Cat Adoption Team (CAT) will begin a housing renovation project at its Sherwood shelter. The project will result in improvements to enhance the health and welfare of all cats and kittens in the shelter’s care.

Special Adoption Promotion
Because cats will need to move out of the adult cat adoption area, CAT hopes to adopt out as many cats as possible before construction begins on March 16. Although cats will move to other areas of the shelter temporarily, it is best if they can go directly to a new home. Colin

To encourage adoptions prior to construction, adult cat adoption fees at CAT’s main shelter location will be just $25 on Friday and Saturday, March 14 and 15.

“Adoptions from CAT are always exciting, but we can especially use your help right now,” says Karen Green, CAT’s Executive Director. “If you’ve been considering adopting a feline friend, it’s a great time to stop by our shelter to meet the wonderful cats who are looking for loving homes.”

CAT will be open regular business hours during construction, and operations in the shelter’s onsite hospital will not be affected. People can still adopt animals from the shelter and are highly encouraged to do so before construction begins on March 16.

Project Details
CAT will begin the multi-phase project with renovations in the adult cat adoption area. Cat kennels in this area will be retrofitted with portals (cat-sized doorways), a proven option for improving existing cat shelter housing. The portals will double the size of housing for each cat, allowing him or her to move freely between two living spaces.

“Extra space and more choice of where to relax or play reduce the level of stress that cats can experience in the shelter environment, which results in cats that not only feel better and stay healthier, but are more attractive to potential adopters,” Green says. “The portals will improve living conditions and reduce the amount of time between when cats enter the shelter and when they find new homes.”

The ASPCA® grant will fund portal renovations and other housing improvements in the adoption areas of the shelter—including at least 28 portals in the adult adoption area. Besides portals, the grant will help provide new beds and perching options, as well as other items shown to improve cat health and wellness. 

In addition to constructing portals in the adoption areas, CAT hopes to add portals to other housing areas throughout the shelter, including in the onsite hospital and illness isolation wards. Monetary donations can be mailed directly to the shelter at 14175 SW Galbreath Dr., Sherwood, OR 97140 or made using CAT’s secure online donation form.

Phase I construction in the adult adoption area is expected to be completed by March 19. CAT is open Tuesday through Friday, noon to 7 p.m., and Saturday/Sunday, noon to 6 p.m. Adoptions end 30 minutes prior to closing. The shelter is located at 14175 SW Galbreath Dr., Sherwood, OR. For information about CAT’s adoption procedures and to see which cats are available for adoption, visit

11. Hard Hat Adoption Promotion
12. It’s Raining Kittens: Kitten Baby Shower
13. The NW Pet & Companion Fair
14. Mission and Values

Our Mission
Our mission is to save the lives of homeless, unwanted, sick, and injured cats and to work with our community to provide feline expertise and quality programs and services for people and cats.

Currently we achieve this mission by
•  Providing shelter, medical care, evaluation, and treatment to cats who have become homeless
•  Finding homes for the cats and kittens in our care
•  Providing people who care for cats with resources, education, and support to help keep human-animal bonds strong and prevent cats from becoming homeless
•  Offering low-cost spay/ neuter services to cat owners in need to prevent the births of unwanted litters
•  Working closely with other animal organizations to implement projects and programs that positively impact cats at a community and regional level

Our Guiding Values
•  Compassion for cats: We focus on the individual welfare and future of each cat in need
•  Expertise: We strive to be experts in cat welfare, health, behavior, sheltering, and related programs
•  Respect for people: We treat our employees, volunteers, donors, clients, and community with respect
•  Impact: We have a significant and measurable positive impact on the cats in our community
•  Collaboration: We work with other individuals and organizations to save more lives
•  Integrity: We act with integrity and value transparency
•  Excellence: We strive for excellence in every aspect of our work

15. CAT’s intake process

CAT accept cats from the public by appointment only on a limited basis. This is to better help the animals in our care stay healthy and free from stress by not overloading the shelter. As cats are adopted, space is then available to bring in new cats to find homes.

Intake Consultation Form

All cats are accepted by appointment only. To surrender or return a cat to CAT:

  • Complete CAT’s Intake Consultation Form. Please take time to thoughtfully complete the form as the information you provide helps us understand your cat’s needs and determine how we can best assist him/her. Completing the form does not guarantee that CAT will be able to accept your cat.
  • An intake counselor will contact you within 72 hours of receiving your form. The intake counselor may provide resources to assist you in keeping your cat or suggest other options for re-homing. If CAT is able to take in your cat, the intake counselor will schedule your appointment.

Due to the high number of intake requests, CAT can only guarantee appointments for cats adopted from us less than 60 days ago. All other intake appointments (returns after 60 days, strays, or owner surrenders) are made only when intake is open and space allows.

Surrendering a stray cat? If you are in Washington, Multnomah, Marion, or Clark Counties, please contact your local animal control agency or try to find the cat’s owners by using tips found on our lost/found web page. If you found a stray or abandoned cat in Yamhill or Clackamas County, CAT may be able to assist—please complete CAT’s Intake Consultation Form.

Intake exam and appointment

At your scheduled intake appointment, CAT’s hospital staff will perform an initial exam. A $50 exam fee is required for all cats being considered for intake.

Exam fees are nonrefundable and due at the time of the intake exam. Intake appointments and exam fees do not guarantee placement in our adoption program—if the staff have medical or behavioral concerns, CAT may not be able to take in your cat.

All cats must be tested for FIV and FeLV prior to being accepted into our adoption program. Our onsite hospital staff can perform FIV/FeLV tests during the intake appointment (included in your intake exam fee). You may elect to have your cat tested elsewhere and fax the results to CAT prior to your appointment; however, once cats are tested, they must be kept indoors to prevent future exposure to these diseases.

If your cat will be surrendered to our shelter, we request a $35+ intake donation to help us care for your cat. Please see below for information about intake fees and donations.

Why CAT requests exam fees and intake donations
CAT charges an exam fee of $50 and requests an additional donation of at least $35 for cat(s) coming to us for adoption. These funds help cover medical and general costs of caring for the cat while in our care. In addition to vaccinations and other medical treatments, CAT provides socialization and enrichment, housing, bedding, food, water, litter and other supplies. Our average cost to provide this care is $250 per cat.

CAT is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and we do not receive any government funding or tax revenue. Your intake donation (not exam fee) is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

We understand that intake fees and donations may be a hardship for some individuals. Please complete the Intake Consultation Form; you can discuss fee options with the intake counselor.


16. Snow days mean fewer adoptions, more cats looking for homes

The winter storms that blew through the Portland metro area this past weekend interrupted business-as-usual for the Cat Adoption Team (CAT) in Sherwood, Ore. Following a four-day weather closure, CAT is reaching out to the community to encourage adoptions.

“A dedicated group of staff and volunteers who could safely reach the shelter came in to care for the cats during the snowstorm,” said Karen Green, CAT’s executive director. “But just like people who get antsy after a few snow days, we have over 100 cats and kittens who are anxious to get out of the shelter and into loving homes.” Flora

When a cat is adopted from CAT, the shelter is able to take in another cat in need from a county shelter or from the public. “It’s a cycle of adoption and rescue that saves cats in our community, and the storm interfered with that cycle. We’re asking the community to help us catch up by coming in and adopting a new family member this week.”

Adoption fees for all adult cats will be reduced to just $25 from Feb. 14-16 during the “Find The One” Adoption Special & Scratcher Sale. Regular adoption fees are $85 for adult cats (age 1 year and older), $100 for teenage kittens (age 7 months to a year), and $125 for kittens under 7 months old. All adoption fees include a veterinary exam, age-appropriate vaccinations, microchip and registration, and spay or neuter.

CAT is located at 14175 SW Galbreath Dr., Sherwood, Ore. Regular hours are: Tuesday-Friday from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.; Saturday-Sunday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. For more information about CAT’s adoption procedures, please visit

17. Shop for CAT

Support CAT just by using your Fred Meyer Rewards Card! It’s easy—simply link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to Cat Adoption Team and you’ll earn donations for CAT every time you shop!

Fred Meyer Logo

Find out how to link your card to CAT.

18. Find “The One” Adoption Special
19. Auld Lang Syne Adoption Promotion
20. Petco National Adoption Weekend & Book Signing
21. Cat of the Week


Meet Lyra. This gentle, friendly girl is likely to greet you when you walk into a room. She likes hanging around with people, and seems to do all right with other easy-going cats. Get to know Lyra by meeting her at our Sherwood shelter. She’d love to say hello!

See more adoptable cats and kittens.

22. Jolly St. Snip
23. Holiday Food Bank Fundraiser
24. Black CAT Friday
25. Fall in Love…
26. Thank You!

Your donations raised more than $52,000 for CAT during Willamette Week’s annual Give!Guide 2013. We are grateful to all our supporters—your gifts mean more lives saved!

Learn more about the Give!Guide.

27. Seminar: Emergency/Disaster Preparedness for Your Pets
28. 2014 CAT Benefit Calendar

The 2014 Calendar is SOLD OUT at the Cat Adoption Team Shelter, but it’s still available at many of our offsite sales locations (listed below).

Imagine planning your year while viewing 12 stunning images of adorable cats…this fantasy can be yours for just $10! The Cat Adoption Team’s benefit calendar is full of stunning portraits of cats who’ve come through our shelter. Each month you’ll enjoy a new, beautiful photograph. What’s more, 100% of your purchase supports CAT’s shelter, thanks to a generous printing donation from Morel Ink.

CAT calendar 2014 cover

Special “THANK YOU” to our photographers (who donated their time and talents):
Whimsy Kitten Photography
Lamm Photography
Joni Photo

You can also purchase a calendar in person at the following locations:

All About Cats Clinic
129 NE 43rd Ave.
Hillsboro, OR 97124
Barclay Hills Animal Clinic
865 Mollala Ave.
Oregon City, OR 97045
Bethany Family Pet Clinic
4744 NW Bethany Blvd., #B5
Portland,OR 97229
Cats Exclusive Medical Center
811 North Main Ave.
Gresham, OR 97030
Clackamas County Veterinary Clinic
1678 S. Beavercreek Rd.
Oregon City, OR 97045
Companion Pet Clinic of McMinnville
250 SW Hill Rd.
McMinnville, OR 97128
Dignified Pet Services
8976 SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd.
Tualatin, OR 97062
Forest Heights Veterinary Clinic
7365 SW Barnes Rd., Suite H
Portland, OR 97225
Gabriel Park Veterinary Clinic
4421 Southwest Vermont Street
Portland, OR 97217
Hart Road Animal Hospital
16400 SW Hart Rd., Suite D
Beaverton OR 97007
Healthy Pets Northwest (Alberta Arts District)
2224 NE Alberta St.
Portland, OR 97211
Healthy Pets Northwest (Hawthorne District)
1736 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR 97214
Healthy Pets Northwest (Multnomah Village)
7642 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland OR 97219
Healthy Pet West Linn
19137 Willamette Dr.
West Linn, OR 97068
Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital
14831 SW Teal Blvd.
Beaverton, OR 97007
Newberg Veterinary Hospital
3716 E Portland Rd.
Newberg, OR 97132
Pearl Animal Hospital
1250 NW 10th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209
Personal Beast
8119 SE Stark St.
Portland, OR 97215
Rose City Veterinary Hospital
809 SE Powell Blvd.
Portland, OR 97202
Salty’s Dog & Cat Shop
4039 N Mississippi Ave., #104
Portland, OR 97227
Thrift Store Benefitting the Cat Adoption Team
4838 SW Scholls Ferry Rd.
Porltand, OR 97225
Tigard Animal Hospital
13599 SW Pacific Hwy., Suite C
Portland, OR 97223
Two Rivers Veterinary Clinic
3808 N Williams Ave., Suite 129
Portland, OR 97227
VCA North Portland Veterinary Hospital
3000 N Lombard St.
Portland, OR 97217
VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialists
16756 SE 82nd Dr.
Clackamas, OR 97015
VCA Woodstock Animal Hospital
4835 SE Woodstock Blvd.
Portland, OR 97206
29. “Love is Priceless” Adoption Promotion
30. PetSmart National Adoption Weekend