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Year in review: 2011

CAT experienced some dips during the recession. As we began to emerge on the other side, we had some great successes. A huge thanks to CAT’s donors, volunteers, and adopters for their continued support.


  • 2,496 cats came into our care
  • 2,502 cats went to loving homes*
  • Live Release Rate**: 98%

*A small percentage of cats were transferred to other shelters for adoption or were lost cats returned to their owners.
**A shelter’s “Live Release Rate” is the number of live outcomes divided by the number of total outcomes. CAT gives every cat in our care the time and support they need to find a loving home. However, because we take in some very vulnerable and sick cats and kittens—including newborn orphaned kittens—some of the cats in our care do pass away or are humanely euthanized to end suffering due to incurable disease.Click here for more detail.


  • 2,482 cats/kittens
  • 1,368 of those were female kitties
  • 1,114 were male kitties
  • 44.6% were black or mostly black cats
  • 27,131 total adoptions since founding in 1998 (through December 31, 2011)


  • 2,496 cats/kittens from other shelters and the public
  • 73% of these cats came from other shelters and 27% came from the public
  • 688 kittens and 80 moms were fostered
  • 88 families opened their homes to foster


  • 3,362 total surgeries
  • 1,887 were low cost/subsidized surgeries for owned cats
  • 57% increase in number of surgeries done for owned cats over 2010

Cat Food Bank:

  • 37,837.55 pounds of cat food distributed (almost 4,000 pounds more than 2010)
  • 100,948.1 total pounds distributed since opening in June 2008 (through December 31, 2011)
  • Most food distributed during one day: 4,264.5 pounds handed out on July 3
  • 5,764 cats fed
  • 1,850 cat-owning families helped
  • First organized pet food bank in the Portland-area
  • 5,299 pounds of cat food provided to home-bound seniors through partnership with two Meals on Wheels centers (over 1,500 pounds more than 2010


  • 463 active volunteers touching all aspects of CAT’s operations
  • 8 offsite adoption centers staffed and run by volunteers
  • Over 64,049 hours of service donated, which is equivalent to 30 full time employees
  • 32,000 donated hours were spent fostering cats and kittens
  • 9,791 donated hours were spent caring for the cats in the shelter
  • 8,000 donated hours were spent finding homes for cats and kittens through our offsite adoption centers
  • 5,800 donated hours were spent helping cat lovers find the right kitty (adoption counseling)
  • 1,300 hours were spent taking cute photos of our cats for adoption and posting them on the web

Donation Programs:

  • 486 donors supported CAT through the Willamette Week Give!Guide year-end program (15% increase)
  • 352 runners/walkers registered for the 3rd Annual CATnip Friday 5k & Mouse Miler

Online Networking:

  • 3,215 Facebook fans (40% increase from 2010)
  • CAT’s Twitter page had 1,351 followers by year end (up 37%)
  • CAT’s website had 82,179 unique visitors (6,848 monthly average) (up 7%)
  • E-Tails (monthly e-newsletter) subscribers grew to 7,141 (20% increase over 2010)
  • CAT YouTube posted 80 videos (60% increase over 2010) with 17,070 video views (45% increase over 2010) (total of 122 videos loaded by end of 2011). Highest viewed video is Star Trek Kitties with 2,206 views.

Thrift Store Benefiting CAT

  • Opened October 2011 in Raleigh Hills
  • Member of Raleigh Hills Business Association
  • Top selling items: housewares, clothing, clothing accessories
  • Average sale was $13.83 (compared to Value Village’s average of $9)
  • 5,500 items sold in the 70 days the store was open in 2011

CAT’s In-Shelter Boutique top sellers

  • Cardboard / temporary cat carriers
  • Inclined catnip-infused cardboard cat scratchers
  • Da Bird (aka Jackson Galaxy’s favorite toy)
  • Swheat Scoop litter
  • CAT logo t-shirts

Click here for CAT’s 2011 Asilomar report