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Year in review: 2008

​2008 was a good year for CAT despite the year ending with a snow storm and a recession.

These year-end statistics tell a hopeful tale.

CAT’s adoption program is quite successful this year even with more cats and kittens coming to the shelter for assistance. And CAT’s 11 adoption outreach locations are really having an impact. CAT brings felines right to your neighborhood and more are finding their new families through these off-site locations.

Spay/neuter programs across the city seem to be making a dent in the overpopulation of cats as we see a slight decrease in the number of kittens and pregnant mom cats coming into the foster care program.


  • 3,250 cats/kittens
  • 4% higher than 2007’s year-end total
  • 728 of these adoptions were from adoption outreach locations
  • 4.3% higher than last year
  • 52% of adoptions were kittens under 6 month of age


  • 3,194 cats/kittens found shelter at CAT
  • 4.6% more than 2007
  • 73% of our felines came from animal control, other animal shelters, and emergency veterinary clinics


  • 2,919 total spay operations
  • 8.6% higher than 2007
  • 1,328 total neuter procedures
  • 20% higher than 2007
  • 635 spay/neuter surgeries performed for the public through CAT’s Fix-a-Thon or the Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund

Cat Food Bank:

  • Opened June 2008
  • Distributes food once a month
  • 3,744.4 pounds distributed in 7 months
  • Average of 535 pounds a month given out
  • Provides food for an average of 61 cats each month
  • 100% of food and litter distributed donated by the public

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