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Year in review: 2007

  • 3,129 cats and kittens found new loving homes
  • 2,571 cats and kittens were spayed or neutered in CAT’s full-service Hospital
  • 1,302 kittens were lovingly cared for by foster volunteers
  • 380 active volunteers donated over 105,000 hours of time
  • 2,142 felines transferred to CAT’s care from shelters and veterinary clinics in Portland
  • 1 year supply of cat food was donated to feed cats/kittens at the shelter
  • 698 cats and kittens found homes through CAT’s 9 adoption outreach locations across Portland
  • 10,000 pounds of pet food was distributed to shelters, rescue agencies, and pet owners of Vernonia


Adoption Program

  • CAT’s outreach locations found homes for 698 cats and kittens
  • CAT found homes for 69 older cats and FIV positive cats
  • CAT received 3,106 cats/kittens to care for
  • 33 days was the average stay for a cat (49 days if sick/injured)
  • Of the felines adopted in 2007, 1,584 were female; 1,281 were male
  • 11% of the cats adopted were black
  • 54% of the felines adopted were six months or younger


Volunteer Program

  • CAT had over 483 volunteers; 380 were extremely active
  • Volunteers contribute 105,000 hours annually, the equivalent of about 51 full-time employees
  • 65 volunteers working at the outreach locations helped find homes for 698 cats


Feline Foster Care Program

  • 150 families are part of the CAT Foster Program
  • Foster families cared for 1,463 cats and kittens
  • Foster families receive fully stocked care kits when fostering kittens, reducing CAT’s emergency room expenses by over 50%


Full Service Veterinary Hospital

  • Over 2,200 veterinary doctor hours provided health care for our cats
  • 2,571 cats and kittens were spayed/neutered in the Hospital, an average of 214 each month
  • 414 surgeries were for other organizations and the public

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