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Year in review: 2007

  • 2,984 cats and kittens found new loving homes*
  • 2,571 cats and kittens were spayed or neutered in CAT’s full-service Hospital
  • 1,302 kittens were lovingly cared for by foster volunteers
  • 380 active volunteers donated over 105,000 hours of time
  • 2,142 felines transferred to CAT’s care from shelters and veterinary clinics in Portland
  • 1 year supply of cat food was donated to feed cats/kittens at the shelter
  • 698 cats and kittens found homes through CAT’s 9 adoption outreach locations across Portland
  • 10,000 pounds of pet food was distributed to shelters, rescue agencies, and pet owners of Vernonia



  • 3,073 cats came into our care
  • 2,984 cats went to loving homes*
  • Live Release Rate**: 96%

*A small percentage of cats were transferred to other shelters for adoption or were lost cats returned to their owners.
**A shelter’s “Live Release Rate” is the number of live outcomes divided by the number of total outcomes. CAT gives every cat in our care the time and support they need to find a loving home. However, because we take in some very vulnerable and sick cats and kittens—including newborn orphaned kittens—some of the cats in our care do pass away or are humanely euthanized to end suffering due to incurable disease. Click here for more detail.

Adoption Program

  • CAT’s outreach locations found homes for 698 cats and kittens
  • CAT found homes for 69 older cats and FIV positive cats
  • CAT received 3,073 cats/kittens to care for
  • 33 days was the average stay for a cat (49 days if sick/injured)
  • 11% of the cats adopted were black
  • 54% of the felines adopted were six months or younger


Volunteer Program

  • CAT had over 483 volunteers; 380 were extremely active
  • Volunteers contribute 105,000 hours annually, the equivalent of about 51 full-time employees
  • 65 volunteers working at the outreach locations helped find homes for 698 cats


Feline Foster Care Program

  • 150 families are part of the CAT Foster Program
  • Foster families cared for 1,463 cats and kittens
  • Foster families receive fully stocked care kits when fostering kittens, reducing CAT’s emergency room expenses by over 50%


Full Service Veterinary Hospital

  • Over 2,200 veterinary doctor hours provided health care for our cats
  • 2,571 cats and kittens were spayed/neutered in the Hospital, an average of 214 each month
  • 414 surgeries were for other organizations and the public

Click here for CAT’s 2007 Asilomar Report